The Top 10 Most Popular D.C. Athletes

I took part in the polling for Steinz’ annual list of D.C.’s most popular current athletes, so I figured I’d go ahead and share my ballot here*:

1. Alex Ovechkin — A universally-liked star.
2. Chris Cooley — A universally-liked semi-star.
3. Donovan McNabb — A still new, mostly-liked star.
4. Clinton Portis — An equally liked and loathed fading star.
5. Gilbert Arenas — A riddle wrapped up in bacon, but still a star.
6. Ryan Zimmerman — Slowly but surely becoming more popular over time.
7. Nicklas Backstrom — Could’ve vaulted into the top five with a playoff run.
8. Brian Orakpo — Will vault into the top five with a monster 2010.
9. Stephen Strasburg — With luck, he’ll never be rated this low ever again.
10. London Fletcher — Kind of a minor figure, but one everyone likes.
Honorable mention: Colt Brennan — There are a lot of idiots out there.

* Ovi’s a lock at 1; everything else is up for highly subjective debate.

10 thoughts on “The Top 10 Most Popular D.C. Athletes”

  1. I would put Brooks Laich in at least an honorable mention role. He seems to be popular with some Cap fan diehards.

  2. Definitely would love to see Zim at number two. In a few years he will probably be there. I don’t feel Mcnabb should even be considered in the top ten until I see him win some games in a Skins uniform. I agree with everyone else but would probably stick Mike Green in there at ten to replace Mcnabb.

  3. Good choices – each athlete has a special attachment to their teams. It would be very difficult to position any of the above in a one to ten scale. Remember it is the arthors opinion and only that. An opinion Anyone could be number one and anyone could be number 10.

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