Rob Dibble Isn’t Going to Quit; MASN Is Going to Have to Fire Him

You may recall our post last week illustrating Rob Dibble’s wrongheadedness when it comes to arguing with umps. Or maybe you saw Dan Steinberg’s post on the same subject. Or maybe you’re just stopping by, unaware of Dibble’s propensity for vehemently disagreeing with borderline calls only to be disproved by his own telecast’s Pitch Track strike zone thing-y.

And if that’s the case, here’s yet another example of something that Dibble continues to do EVERY FREAKING GAME:

Wow, c’mon, that’s not a strike. C’mon, Jerry. This pitch is way outside …

[MASN shows the location of the pitch on Pitch Track.]

… and low.

Again, in closing, can that meathead Dibble already.

18 thoughts on “Rob Dibble Isn’t Going to Quit; MASN Is Going to Have to Fire Him”

  1. I’m glad someone did this on that pitch. He acted like it would’ve been behind a right-handed batter.

    I can deal with the we/us crap. But the meat-headedness of crap like that drives me batty.

  2. Think you need to give it up, man. Part of the fun of regional broadcasts are the low production value. Dibble sucks, can’t much argue at times. But right now, I’m listening to Aaron F’n Boone and NO-MAR! and they are as boring as it gets. Dibble is unpolished and at times stubbornly ignorant but that’s a plus for me. Let’s complain about how Tom Davis’ fat @ss has been able to make a career out of sweating on every damn broadcast! I think he can only go about 6 minutes without thinking about Italian sausages.

  3. “Dibble is unpolished and at times stubbornly ignorant but that’s a plus for me.”

    Sounds like a Palin 2012 voter.

  4. Before I say anything, a disclaimer: I am in no way defending Rob Dibble. Doing so would obviously incinerate any credibility I have as an anonymous internet commenter and would justify me contemplating suicide. That said, how accurate are these pitch trackers? Has anyone done a study? Sure, I know I could probably look it up, but you get paid to find these things out and I don’t. I’m an avid Rockies fan and fucking hate the pitch tracker with every fiber of my being. It rarely seems accurate and all it does is give the guys in the both ammunition to wax idiotic. Thankfully we are devoid of any Dibble-like ex-baseball players in our both, but it still brings the level of broadcasting down (in my opinion). I would argue the pitch track adds nothing to the game and that we just do away with it. And Dibble of course.

  5. @flip

    I came to this space looking for some stat/explanation/margin of error on this technology as well.

    Damn it.

    Anybody know?

  6. @WFY I think you may be on to something there.

    Dibble is straight garbage. But not necessarily for the Mottrams’ reason, in my opinion. Getting all worked up about pitches which Dibble thinks are balls, and are actually strikes, is but one of many ongoing transgressions (the tinted glasses, the horrible haircut, the terrible clothes, the “Get UP!” calls, the talking about Great Danes, the moronic giggling, the pretending he was a tough guy, the nonstop talk about his playing days, all add up to a large dose of suck).

    Anyway, isn’t Bernadina getting that one wrong also? The guy with the bat in his hand? He’s paid to get it right… right?

  7. The Pitch tracker is a broadcast graphic and is probably less accurate then the yellow first down marker you see during football games. Since it is representational of a subjective strike zone, it exists to give viewers a general idea of what the strike zone “should” be.

    Theres alot of nerd-speak articles on the web about this very subject.

  8. The accuracy of the Pitch Track isn’t really relevant here. What’s relevant is Dibble repeatedly going overboard about borderline ball-and-strike calls that go against the Nats.

    And, really, this is a minor offense in light of Dibble’s other problems as a broadcaster. It’s just the one we choose to illustrate because it provides a nice visual.

    Also, Dibble is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems with MASN’s Nats broadcast. Beneath the surface lie Bob Carpenter and Debbie Taylor, who are awful in their own ways.

  9. MASN is complete garbage. Angelos should have nothing to do with the Nats, or their broadcasts.

    Who the fuck cares if Dibble gets some ball/strike calls wrong? He’s the color man, not the ump. Dibble’s no Jon Miller but he’s the best the Nats have had since they got here.

    Don Sutton used to refer to the Braves as “we” when he was broadcasting for the Nats when they played the Braves. ridiculous.

  10. Don’t know whats worse… Dibble complaining about calls, or this blog complaining about Dibble complaining about calls. I’ll go with the latter.

  11. I hear Fick enjoyed him some brews and some buds. He often swung the bat like he was pretty high when he was a Nat. I always liked him though.. for some reason.

  12. Dear Rob & Bob,

    We appreciate all of your coverage and it’s great to hear Nats fans as our commentators. We do have one disageement with one of the comments made on 8/13 about the sign of the cross being a superstition. The sign dates back to Jesus Christ Himself when He died on the cross. Catholics have been using this sign since then as a prayer to show that we belong to Christ and in honor of the Holy Tinity. The words that accompany the sign of the cross are “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Maybe you could ask Pudge if he considers it a superstition. To learn more about the sign of the cross, go to

    Keep up the good work talking about the Nats for us. That includes Johnny Holiday, Ray Knight, and Debbie Taylor.
    It’s a shame that so many people have nothing better to do than to criticize their own commentators.

  13. I have XM radio and he hosts the morning show on MLB homeplate. I used to listen to the show every morning when Mark Patrick was on it, but I cannot tolerate hearing Dibble’s 4th grade logic at 7:30am.

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