Sharing Neal Olkewicz’ Old Photo Album

You may recall the recent discovery that Neal Olkewicz is on Facebook. You should also recall Olkewicz himself, the indispensable Maryland-turned-Redskins linebacker who was a key member of two Super Bowl champions in the glorious 1980s.

Well, Olky (if I may call him that) accepted my friend request and I’ve been stalking following him for a couple of weeks now, enjoying our new friendship along the way, especially when he posted an album of vintage Redskins photos a few days ago.

Some of the pics were so good that I messaged him, asking if I could share them here. He responded the same day:

Sure, go ahead, god knows the fans have been waiting a long time!

Indeed. So here you go, selections from Neal Olkewicz’s Facebook album, along with captioning from the man himself:

“Me and Rich Milot after the Super bowl.”

“Getting my first Super Bowl ring from Joe Gibbs.”

“Maybe this is when Doug decided to join us!”

“Me & Pete Wysocki”

“Pete Wysocki and I prepare to ambush Cowboy Tony Dorsett!”

“At Fitzwater Station for my Super Bowl Tribute.”

He didn’t caption this one, so I’ll do it: “Thanks for the memories, Neal. You were a good player then, and you seem like a great guy now.”

6 thoughts on “Sharing Neal Olkewicz’ Old Photo Album”

  1. I remember what seemed like every year they’d bring in a new kid who was supposed to be better for MLB than Olkie. And how every year this guy was better than them all. There is NONE that displayed what being a Redskin was better than Neil Olkewicz. Glad we got the privilege to witness his career first hand.

  2. The two players who exemplify the great days of the Washington Redskins are Neil Olkewicz and Jeff Bostic.

    They did their jobs day in and day out and were just plain reliable.

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