DMV: MVP-Caliber Zim, Wild-Card Nats

Ryan Zimmerman goes deep twice in Colorado as the Nats win their 20th game. If the season were to end today, Zim would be in the running for NL MVP and the Nats would be in the playoffs. So weird, so awesome. [WaPo]

Mapping out Strasburg’s starts over the next 60 days. [Nats Farm Authority]

It seems Drew Storen will debut before Strasburg. [Goessling Game]

Chien-Ming Wang too is slated for a July 1 Nats debut. [Nats Journal]

A Nyjer Morgan catch becomes a meme. [Lookout Landing via CP]

Miguel Batista speaks out on Arizona’s immigration law. [Nats Journal]

Luke Scott’s grand slam power’s O’s to comeback win. [The Sun]

Phillip Daniels’ kid is a blue-chip football recruit. [Redskins Insider]

Happy birthday: Extreme Skins message boards turn 10. [Redskins Blog]

Alex Semin’s smoking is a big deal. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Meet the newest Terp: 6’10” JUCO transfer Berend Weijs. [Testudo Times]

Boston sends Cleveland home; Woj kills LeBron. [Adrian Wojnarowski]

Bottomless $20 beers to be served at tomorrow’s Preakness. [WaPo]

Bravo’s Top Chef: D.C. is set to debut on June 16. [DCist]

One thought on “DMV: MVP-Caliber Zim, Wild-Card Nats”

  1. So how many drunk asses try to run the preakness with the horses this year? I’ll assume maybe a couple might consider it

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