Rob Dibble Is the Absolute Worst

Quote and screen cap from MASN’s broadcast of today’s Nats-Mets game:

“This is below the knees on Bernadina. It’s brutal. Brutal strike zone today. Here’s the pitch right here, below the strike zone.” — Rob Dibble

And lest you think we’re picking on Dibble by putting just one pitch under the microscope, not a game goes by where he doesn’t complain about balls and strikes only to be disproved by the on-screen “Pitch Track.”

In closing, fire Dibble.

49 thoughts on “Rob Dibble Is the Absolute Worst”

  1. I hate this idiot. He never shuts up and his bullsh*t forced excitement and macho-man-esque “oh yeahs” are just obnoxious and annoying. I hope he has an aneurysm.

  2. I’m not a Nationals fan, but I still like watching baseball. But, more often than not, even if the Nationals are on I won’t bother tuning in because of their horrible announcers.

  3. I don’t watch MASN with the sound on. I’d take back Ron Darling.

    So, does having Dibble help convince anybody that MASN is bad faith about basically everything relating to the Nats?

    I felt bad for Johnny Holliday sitting in the booth with Dibble last week.

  4. Disagree wholeheartedly with you guys. Dibble is hilarious and makes some good analysis and predictions. Maybe not the best commentator ever, but I’m a big fan.

  5. I’ve got to agree with Andrew. There were times last year where Dibbles’ bizarre commentary kept me watching games I otherwise would have turned off.

    I completely understand that he’s not for everybody, but I find him eminently entertaining.

  6. You guys are morons. It’s ok for yankees announcers to cheer for their team, but not a nats announcer? Dibble is good for the game of baseball, and makes me more prone to watch nats games.

  7. You’re a fucking moron if the thing making you watch Nats games is an announcer cheering for the team. Makes a lot of sense.

  8. Researcher: The average MASN viewer watches for eighteen minutes. The average Rob Dibble fan watches for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.

    MASN Exec: How can that be?

    Researcher: Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    MASN Exec: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Dibble?

    Researcher: Good point. The average Dibble hater watches for two and a half hours a day.

    MASN Exec: But… if they hate him, why do they watch?

    Researcher: Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

  9. As absurd as Dibble is I love him. He’s the color guy. I think that if we were to just have another boring guy in their it would be 10 times more unbearable to watch the games. He’s a lovable loser. What would the people that hate him rather have in there? Somebody that just quietly comments on the game? Johnny Holliday was HORRIBLE last week. Not that he’s not a nice guy but he’s old, boring and unrelateable for a younger audience. If you aren’t watching Nats games b/c of Dibble then you’re a terrible fan. I bet you sit through Redskin games and that product is FAR more offensive than Rob Dibble.

  10. The fact that Dibble is an absolute moron is not the big issue here…It’s what is presented at the top of this article, these announcers are supposed to come of as neutral towards these umpires but game after game Dibble sounds like a cry baby when pitches don’t go “his” way. Also Ray Knight needs a translator at all times.

  11. If I were a Nationals fan, of course I’d still watch the games. But for the same reason that I can’t stand to watch an entire game when Dick Vitale is announcing, I’d prefer not to listen to the inane ramblings of Dibble for nine innings.

    Honestly, I have to say that I’m surprised by the number of people who have come to Dibble’s defense. Who knew?

  12. To be fair, some times I enjoy Dibble just because of how horrible he is. Does anyone remember his rant about women’s shoes last year? One of the most priceless moments in televised baseball.

    The other times (read:99% of games) I can’t stand the meat head. Oh lord. I’m not a large Bob Carpenter fan, either, but wow. The pair of them, even when Bob just shuts up in awe of how ridiculous Dibble is being is just painful.

    What’s even worse, is we have some of the best radio guys out there. Jageler and Slowes call a GREAT game. Too bad 1500 comes in spotty in my house.

  13. All I have to say is that I’d be a Nats fan if it weren’t for that man. Not only does he constantly complain about calls that usually turn out to be correct (EVERY team gets bad calls against them btw), but he does NOT possess the professionalism that goes with being a broadcast announcer. Bad calls are part of the game. Suck it up.

  14. Carpenter and Dibble (toupee and tats) are a complete joke. The worst thing about the Nats playing my Mets is having to listen to these dolts because the NY feed is blacked out. Last night Carpenter kept calling Barajas the “#8 hitter” like he sucked. Dude has 8 home runs. Dibble had to remind him of that. Carpenter is complete trash. At least Dibble seems to care about baseball but he’s still such a homer (they both are) that I don’t know how Nats fans watch them.

  15. After the first 3 games of the season you can actually see they are reading from the same script over and over and over. Its the completely boring, repetitive commentary that grinds me down. Now that Carpenter is echoing Dibble on his rants it really becomes unbearable.

    MASN is maddening with their erratic use of the pitch track box. Crucial strike three calls are sometimes omitted because of the rush to play a Geico commercial. Carpenter’s calls of “right down the middle” are shown to be wholly out of whack as well. The duo are even commenting wrong about inside and outside zones of the strike zone. I find myself mentally contradicting them more and more. Perhaps these two should be on radio where the crutches of a visual image don’t befuddle them.

  16. Gee, I can’t tell if the NATS have been winning or losing this year. You people who will not watch the NATS on TV this year, would not watch them if Scully and Harrell were the team. As for Darling, please! He did not want to be here and it showed. As for Shadow Play, 2 out of 3 baby 2 out of 3.

  17. I love Dibble. I’d be pissed if he was fired. He’s entertaining, gets on the Nats if they fuck up, funny and a HOMER! he’s the best color guy the Nats have had in their short history. beats the hell out of that douche Sutton who referred to the braves as “we” on multiple occasions.

    Fuck MASN though. It’s a travesty the Nats don’t have their own network.

    Die already angelos. Please?

  18. Hmm, matt. I woulda thought the worse part for you of the nats playing your mets is when you lose series at home….jk.

    Dibble is a joke, but not and always unpleasant one. If masn was smart they really would just take the feed from wfed (slowes and jeggler) cause those guys are great.

  19. Dibble has a tendency to go off the deep end, but I still kind of like the guy. He came here in the middle of 205 losses and a) gave a sh*t about the team and b) at least tried to be funny in the midst of the torture. Two things that Ron Darling and Don Sutton have no capacity for. Or Jim “Lobotomy” Palmer for that matter.

    As for MASN, how funny is it that they were scared to put Strasburg up live on MASN2 against the Orioles last night?

  20. To be honest – Carpenter will be wrong and Dibs will call him out sometimes, but I still don’t mind him that much…and for Dibble…I don’t understand how you can’t like this guy..he’s got some good shtick, he loves the Nats, he knows baseball and he might call the umps out here and there but he’ll do it both ways and he’ll get on our guys as well…try listening to some of the other teams commentators…its just boring

  21. Oh no, no comparison to Stern. Just an observation that most people still watch and listen to something they hate, i.e. Bill Walton calling NBA games.

  22. James, I would love to hear that woman’s shoes rant.

    I also have no clue who the Nats radio guys are and if they are good. Like most people, I don’t listen to the radio. I watch tv like a grown up in 2010 instead of a kid in the 40s. (i have no idea why listening to the radio makes you a kid but it does in this argument)

    let’s get some old Expos’ talent down here to call games. Dibble was a Jim Bowden guy anyway from their time together in Cincy. Let’s call Tim Raines or Gary Carter and see what they’re doing.

  23. It could be worse. It could be Jim Palmer who touts himself at every possible opportunity.

    Runner on first, taking a large lead, pitcher isn’t throwing over, runner steals.

    Jim Palmer: Having a good pick off move is essential. I remember when I won the Cy Young in 1973 it was because I was able to hold runners on so well. I didn’t realize that until I won the Cy Young award again in 1975 and 1976. So a good pick off move is essential to being a Hall of Fame starting pitcher.

  24. But at least Jim Palmer, self-absorbed promoter that he is, brought valid baseball commentary to the game. Yes, Dibs is the crazy uncle who came to Sunday dinner stinking of gin – that’s kind of fun. But Sam Huff has the corner on that market around here, and every so often will unleash an absolute gem of insight.

    Dibs does not do that, and Huff-Post only has to do that for 16 games. Dibs will be here most of the summer.

    Another difference about Huff and Jurgy is that you know they want the home team to win, but they’re no Kool-Aid drinkers. If Denmark stinks, they will say so. Dibs, not so much.

  25. There have been several games this year where I swear Dibble was drunk. Aside from the non-sequitor comments I thought I could hear slurring. All this on top of getting the impression that Carpenter did not know what to say to the ridiculousness/drunkenness sitting next to him.

    To be sure it has only been a few games. Even so…

    On the bright side it could be worse, it could be JOE BUCK! ARGHHHHHHHH!

  26. I can understand a lot of these complaints…but how many of you all have actually listened to other commentators around the league?…I’m not talking about the O’s or ESPN Sunday night baseball either…some of you really need to watch/listen to other teams games…just awful…also while Radio/TV isn’t apples/oranges they are different when calling games…



    I LIKE CHEEsE!!!

  28. I have no respect for any announcer/analyst that says “David Wright couldn’t hit a homerun in Citi Field to save his life”

  29. When Dibble started calling games I was definitely in the ‘why is this moron on the air’ club. But he’s grown on me big time. I like the drunk Uncle metaphor. Something would be horribly missing from Thanksgiving if everyone was civil and Uncle Ted didn’t get hammered and offend your cousin. Boring holiday. Nothing to laugh about the next day. Dibble’s nonsense has become part of the fabric of watching and rooting for this very frustrating team. Carpenter trying to keep the car on the road amps up the nonsense ten-fold. The other night Dibble was going on about how much he enjoys Chili’s salad bar. Gotta love the guy, just grab a cold one and embrace it.

  30. I like Dibble –and he definitely knows the game. He’s outrageous, he’s a “homer” and he’s blunt. That’s why I like him.

    Comments on other comments: Jagelar and Slowes are bad, real bad. Slowes is so dreadfully slow of mind that he isnt able to call a play while the play is happening. He stumbles and stutters and when the play is over, THEN he spend 10 minutes explaining what happened. He can’t judge a ball leaving the park either. “Theres a long fly ball; Willingham is tracking …. silence .. and Smith hit a homerun” Theyre both Terrible.

    The Mets fan who claimed Dibble was a “homer” so how could Nats fans stand him is simply retarded. Potentially the dumbest statement ever made on the blogosphere — he’s too dumb to know how absolutely retarded that he is. Plus: go to a Mets blog, asshole.

    Keep Dibble: he’s not politically correct and apparently offends lots of sissy boys like the ones who post here.

  31. Dibble is the worst #2 man I have seen in 35 years of watching professional baseball. I watch 90% of Nationals games on MASN, and tire of his repetitiveness, his lack of anything useful to say, and his apparent lack of knowledge of the history of baseball. He should GO.

  32. guys,
    dibble is hialrious, this IS the reason why i watch the nats, and for bob of course too, but when the nats have walk offs, or clutch plays, his “yelling and screaming” gives me chills, YOU DA BEST ROB!

  33. Dibble is the man, by far one of my favorite announcers because he is actually emotional and gets excited when things happen in a baseball game. You haters need to stop watching baseball, and get back to doing what your good at, which is sucking bananas (you know what i really mean)

  34. I actually think Carpenter and Dibble are good, but Dibble’s discussions revolve around pitchers and not enough around other players. Holliday doesn’t seem like a baseball guy but I like him because he’s local. I like the fact that Dibble roots for us. Brooks Robinson used to do that for the O’s. Too bad we can’t get more local announcers but because the Nats were gone for 30 years, we don’t have much choice. Knight does a good job and Phil Wood knows his stuff really well on the post-game show.

    MASN is the worst, though. In college we used to do a campus newscast on one of those cable access channels. People joked about it because there was nothing on that channel, all of a sudden the newscast came on, then it was back to the local school lunch menu. That’s what MASN is. If the Nats were on Comcast it’d be much better. It’s amazing the Nats have decent attendance with this setup. Then for radio, for neither local sportsradio station to have Nats games is a joke, and it’s even worse that WTEM has O’s games. What a slap in the face.

    It was kind of weird though how Dibble just sarcastically said, “I love Washington.” And Holliday said, “And they love you too,” referring to blogs like this, I assume.

  35. i feel the same way with what will said. you can only like our announcers if your a nats fan. ROb gives me chills when we hit a walk off.

    and for you retards who say he doesnt know anything about history, learn this retards. He PLAYED BASEBALL AT A COMPETITIVE LEVEL and he was pretty darn good at it. he gets almost every trivia question right, he is an amazing announcer and contributaor to the nationals organization.

  36. shadowplay, us nats fans love carpenter and dibble. Ive been listening to them for awhile and they are good commentators. and i have listened to other teams commentators on their channels or radios and they alllll are different. people ust cant get used to different things or change.

  37. I am a huge baseball fan and will watch most any game on. I hate to tell the Nat fans this but the team is tough to watch at times. Dibble makes the games very enjoyable and he cares about the Nats unlike most of their fans that are rooting for the “out of town’ team. I think Dibble does a real good job with a below average product.

  38. i like Dibble, i like listening to him on MLB Network Radio. I dont listen to the morning show if hes not on lol. he makes in interesting. I enjoyed watching Nationals game cause i think the announcers are pretty good.


  39. Rob Dibble is tremendous — funny, opinionated, unconventional, and interesting. Matched with an absolute professional like Bob Carpenter, they make consistently accurate and pertinent analysis. The Nationals have a tremendous announcing team that far exceeds the performance of the the team on the field; Carpenter and Dibble make some really terrible games worth watching because of their superb insight.

  40. All you dopes who think Dibble should be behind the mic know nothing about broadcasting. He’s a two-bit loser gas bag who needs to be announcing double A games. Thank God he’s been fired. Absolute idiot. Biggest homer in the booth, besides Yankee dork J Sterling.

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