Westbrook-to-Washington Would Be Fine

Chris Mortensen reports that Brian Westbrook is visiting Ashburn tomorrow, and Rick Maese thinks signing him would be shocking. I don’t know about the latter, but I’m glad to hear the former.

Five reasons why bringing in Westbrook is a good idea:

1. He’s cheap. He doesn’t cost draft picks, current players or much money.

2. Westbrook and McNabb are close. They’ve had a lot of success together in Philly.

3. Washington needs a third-down back. The Skins have the all-fantasy backfield of 2006 already, but which of those guys is playing on third down? Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker aren’t receiving threats, and the most capable of the bunch (Portis) is also the one most likely to run on first and second down.

4. Parker is expendable. He only has an incentive-laden one-year deal. It wouldn’t hurt to cut him, especially given how redundant he seems with Portis and LJ already on the roster and for more time/money.

5. Westbrook’s age isn’t as much of a concern. A third-down back doesn’t take the beating a primary ballcarrier does, so, while I’d like some youth in the Redskins backfield, his advancing age and lingering injuries don’t worry me as much as those of the other geriatric backs.

Maybe it happens. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe Redskins fans would hate it. Maybe Eagles fans are all gonna laugh at us. But I’m all for it.

Make it happen, Capt. Shanahan.

8 thoughts on “Westbrook-to-Washington Would Be Fine”

  1. I’m all for it but agree we would need to cut fast Willie. That backfield would be getting a little too crowded with all 4 of them.

  2. Parker: 29 years old, 1253 carries
    Portis: 28 years old, 2176 carries
    Johnson: 30 years old, 1421 carries

    Last two subpar seasons aside, Parker has a lot more left in the tank than both Portis and Johnson. Who is easier to cut is a different story, as you mention, but I see the Brian Westbrook flirtations as slowly running CP out of town.

    You can’t keep three, let alone FOUR backs on the squad when none play special teams.

    I’m all for Westbrook as a 3rd down back provided he can return punts and kicks as well. Or is he too fragile?

  3. I’m not sure Westbrook has the head for it (no pun intended really). From everything I’ve read I’m not sure he’s ready to put everything back in the game and may be scared. I could be wrong but is it worth taking a chance?

  4. The gist of that post at Bleeding Green Nation is Westbrook is 31 and, in the opinion of that writer, has nothing left. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. OUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

  5. Agree with this post. What’s the harm in bringing him in for a look? It’s not like they’re going to throw a bunch of money at him or anything.

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