Video: McNabb Played Hoops at Syracuse

This was a huge blind spot for me: Donovan McNabb played hoops at ‘Cuse. Not only that, but he did so wearing knee-high socks. Also, he was skinny, and could throw down. Via Truth About It:

McNabb briefly played basketball at Syracuse and was even on the bench during the 1996 NCAA championship game when the ‘Cuse lost to the Kentucky Wildcats. McNabb watched his high school basketball teammate, Antoine Walker, win the title.

McNabb walked on for coach Jim Boeheim’s Orangemen both his freshman and sophomore years, appearing in 18 career games, playing 116 total minutes, scoring 41 points and grabbing 20 rebounds.

On February 8, 1997, McNabb was forced to play some emergency center against the Georgetown Hoyas. He came in and got 10 points, six rebounds and a huge block against White that sent the Carrier Dome into a frenzy. The ‘Cuse beat the Hoyas 77-74.

There are not many things about Donovan McNabb that I consider to be awesome. This is one of them.

Via Cannonball in the comments, McNabb also stars in this clip:

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