DMV: Eric Belanger Will Consume The Canadiens With Fireballs From His Eyes

Caps center Eric Belanger lost eight teeth to a high stick in Game 5, at least one of which was pulled by his own hand (see above) minutes before receiving a root canal and returning to play more than 10 minutes. I hope he scores the series-winning goal tonight. [Caps Insider, D.C. Sports Bog]

Montreal got away with six men on the ice Friday night. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Forty-goal scorer Alexander Semin is still scoreless in the playoffs. [WaPo]

Redskins sign undrafted free agent Marques Slocum, who is legend. [DCLS]

Redskins also sign UFA and Penn State QB Daryl Clark. [Redskins Insider]

Good look at who the Skins missed out on with each pick. [CSN Washington]

Two JMU players were drafted, two more were signed. [JMU Sports Blog]

Nats beat L.A. 1-0, move to 10-9(!) on the season. [WaPo]

And they’re doing this without Zimmerman. [Nationals Journal]

Nats bloggers are starting to believe. Kind of. [Capitol Punishment, FJB]

Recommended reading: Dave Sheinin on Strasburg in the minors. [WaPo]

Ex-Nat Mike Bascik is in trouble for being stupid on Twitter. [Sporting Blog]

Speaking of, Jim Bowden unleashes a priceless tweet. [Nationals Inquisition]

O’s beat Boston in extras, go to 3-16 on the season. [The Sun]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Eric Belanger Will Consume The Canadiens With Fireballs From His Eyes”

  1. Too bad someone like crosby couldn’t have lost so many teeth. He would be much more efficient at sucking…

    The Nats are on a roll! great game yesterday.

  2. I was at the Caps game Friday and thought it was pretty bad but didn’t hear about how bad until Saturday. By the way the refs sucked during that game. I hope they kill them tonight and then laugh in their faces.

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