DMV: Redskins Fan on the Cowboys Star

The best part about this, other than the TO pose? This young Redskins fan was on a tour with 40 Cowboys fans when this was taken. [@dcsportsbog]

Update: Steinz interviews the kid standing on the star.

At least Snyder doesn’t get drunk and say stupid shit on camera. [Deadspin]

Hilarious: Cerrato is covering the draft for ESPN Radio. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Do not want: These McNabb Redskins t-shirts. [Homer McFanboy, First Cuts]

No surprise here: Theodore to start in goal for the Caps. [WaPo]

“This Caps team has had possibly the best offense in history.” [DCLS]

The Caps are slight favorites to win the Stanley Cup. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Caps respond to some minor Montreal trash talking. [D.C. Sports Bog]

A look back at Caps/Canadiens history. (Langway!) [Eyes on the Prize]

Baltimore loses another heart-breaker, falls to 1-7. [Krem’s Sports Blog]

O’s Monday-night turnout was lowest ever at Camden. [Peter Schmuck]

Adam Dunn has two hits and 10 walks on the season. [Nats Insider]

Nice profile on a unknown-yet-promising Nats prospect. [Nats Journal]

Assessing the Wiz’ outlook this offseason and beyond. (Melo in ’11?) [WaPo]

Nicely done: Fake Google ads illustrating the Wiz’ season. [Truth About It]

Photos: Washington Wizards wearing hats. Lots of hats. [Truth About It]

Video: Prince George’s police beating a Maryland fan. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Missed this yesterday: WaPo’s long profile on Lindsay Czarniak. [WaPo]

Yessir: Five Guys beats In-N-Out in burger poll. [A Hamburger Today]

Want: Dogfish Head Squall IPA is coming to Virginia. [Young & Hungry]

7 thoughts on “DMV: Redskins Fan on the Cowboys Star”

  1. “Cerrato is covering the draft for ESPN Radio”

    Radio is probably the right move, so then America won’t see Cerrato’s boner whenever Jimmy Clausen is mentioned.

  2. Picked up 4 bottles of Squall at the Brewpub in rehoboth back in Dec. Drank 2 on New Years and have 2 saved to let them age a little. Best thing about visiting my family in DE each year at Christmas is hitting up the brewery for the tour(if you havent yet put it on your list) and then to the brewpub for food and more beer.

  3. @ DocJ
    Explain this Squall and what kind of beverage it is please. As a fan of drinking and more drinking I might find a reason to go to DE this winter.

  4. It is a bottle conditioned IPA, which means it gets better as it sits in the bottle. Comes in big bottles only. It has a ton of hops in it, giving it a big hoppy taste. Have to be a fan of hoppy beers to enjoy. Similar to the 90 minute but not nearly as sweet. They have several alehouses in the DC area.
    Heres there brews:
    I highly recommend an afternoon trip to the eastern shore and check out the brewery. Have to make reservations, it has gotten crowded, but worth the trip. Best of slower lower DE right there. Well that and the BBQ chicken in Greenwood.

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