Want: Russ Grimm Hall of Fame T-Shirt

I’ve mocked the Redskins for selling certain merchandise in the past and (programming alert!) will do so again in the future, but credit where credit’s due: The Russ Grimm Hall of Fame t-shirt is sharp.

Not because it’s an especially inspired design, no, but because it’s a t-shirt touting an offensive lineman, and, by definition, any garment that’s lineman-inspired is awesome (see: Grimm, Joe Jacoby, Jim Lachey, Chris Samuels or Jon Jansen jerseys).

Unless, of course, it’s inspired by one of the Redskins’ current linemen. Then it’s not awesome at all. But this one? Yeah, WANT.

7 thoughts on “Want: Russ Grimm Hall of Fame T-Shirt”

  1. I was in Canton two years ago about a month before the enshrinement ceremony and the HOF was selling Art Monk T-Shirts, yet the Redskins didn’t have them. For some reason, the HOF didn’t do a similar shirt for Darrell Green.

    I could be wrong but this looks like something HOF came up with, not the Redskins. Though I’m glad to see the HOF allowing the Redskins to sell it unlike the Monk T-Shirt.

  2. Where can I get the “282” Darrell Green/Art Monk Hall of Fame shirt. Nobody seems to sell it. Gotta have 1 – NO – gotta have 2. Thanks

  3. Correction: I’m looking for the “281” Darrell Green and Art Monk Hall of Fame shirt. They don’t seem to be available anywhere. Gotta have 2 shirts – one to wear and one to frame. Thanks

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