In Which Ohio St. Baller/Blogger Mark Titus Blows Up Greivis Vasquez’ Spot

For a guy whose team wasn’t playing, Greivis had a busy Final Four. He was presented with the Cousy Award, which is nice. It also seems he went to a nightclub where Ohio State player/Club Trillion blogger Mark Titus was in attendance. Here’s what Titus wrote about the encounter:

I realized that this bar was capable of producing a good time because I not only saw Greivis Vasquez, but I also saw the absurd amount of Affliction clothes he was wearing and the unfortunate-looking female he was dancing with.

After watching Greivis dance with what I originally thought was one of his teammates for a few minutes, I felt an obligation to help him out a little bit. While there was nothing I could do to help him not look like he was dressed to challenge Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, there was something I could do to help him quit dancing with what looked like a combination of Pizza Face and Lori Beth Denberg. I tried to distract him from his dancing partner by introducing myself as a guy who used to play basketball for Ohio State. He continued dancing and said something like, “I love Ohio State and I love Evan Turner.” I responded with, “You obviously don’t know Evan Turner”, but I don’t think he heard/comprehended what I said.

His lack of response told me that he didn’t care what I had to say and just wanted to focus on dancing with this chick (although it looked more like he was wrestling a grizzly bear). I figured that there was nothing I could say to change his mind, so I did the next best thing and bought him some alcohol. That way he could at least convince himself that he was dancing with a good looking girl. Lord knows he wasn’t convincing anybody else.

Pretty sure some sort of bro code was broken there. Not cool, Titus.

15 thoughts on “In Which Ohio St. Baller/Blogger Mark Titus Blows Up Greivis Vasquez’ Spot”

  1. Titus is like that guy in your frat who constantly hates on dudes for banging ugly chicks, yet you never see him get w anyone.

  2. @Hman Titus is banging an OSU cheerleader dumbass. And I’m pretty sure Vasquez will be in the D league next year while Titus makes bank working for ESPN

  3. Titus is pretty funny actually. Blowing up Vasquez’ spot is a time honored CP tradition already, why not share the fun?

    And Steve F…go to hell you stupid rube. Midwesterners have no souls, or brains for that matter.

  4. “Titus is banging an OSU cheerleader dumbass.”
    Someone’s Be.B-e-ing aggressive.

    Standing up for Mark Titus? Buckeye?

  5. “Titus is banging an OSU cheerleader dumbass.”
    Which one? ( Because all I see are future candidates for, and future proud mothers of upstanding members of the KKK. BTW fat arms are NOT the new phat thighs, and broad shoulders does not mean what you think it does.

    Oh yeah, and everyone knows you joined the Union on accident in the Civil War.

    Now go rape some corn, Ohio.

  6. Trying to save a bro from dancing with someone who looks like they’re from that bar in star wars is upholding bro code to the fullest. However blowing them up via ” social media” not so much.

    The clincher is the wearing of MMA gear. Vasquez might have a serious issue, and in extreme circumstances bro code must be broken to stop a vicious cycle of self destruction.

  7. Not sure what Ohios involvement in the Civil War really has to do with this article. And for all that is bad and weird in Ohio, joining the union by accident was the best you got.

    But judging by some of the girls I have seen in some of the college park bars I have been in, he probably has to beat pussy off him with a stick with that outfit and those sick dance moves. But dont bring him out on it.

    I mean who hasnt been to Seacrets in OC one weekend, gotten too drunk and made a bad choice with clothes and woken up with a toothless meth head in a trailer 10 miles from the beach with a headache, a bad sunburn and a weird itching sensation. Everybody right? But my friends didnt blab to the world. So I can relate to bar hopping in Ohio.

  8. DocJ is probably one of those creepy 40 year old men who go to the bars in College Park so his opinion is most likely skewed. Thanks for your input anyways, grandpa!

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