McNabb Already Met Obama

The “Maroon & Black” moment of McNabb’s press conference was when he said he wants “to learn more about the D.C., Virginia, Baltimore area.” That’s not quite Zorn status, but still: Kinda bad. And it wasn’t his only gaffe.

McNabb also said, “Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to meet Obama.” That’s innocuous enough, sure, but, according to this photo from Playmaker Mobile, HE ALREADY MET THE PRESIDENT!!!!!1!!

Clearly our new quarterback is a liar and can’t be trusted. Or I just need to stop paying so much attention to made-for-media events. Either way.

5 thoughts on “McNabb Already Met Obama”

  1. Did you guys notice that McNabb got Warren Moon to give his presser for him?

    That mustache was freaking awesome.

  2. It’s a made up photo, thats very obvious. After the Super Bowl (in 2 yrs.) he’ll have his chance. Unless POTUS decides to attend a home game, which NO sitting President has ever done. LBJ once attended a pre-season game.

  3. Baltimore may have its own team, but there is still a sizeable contingent of Skins fans in MD.

    I’ll give McNabb a pass for listing ‘Baltimore area’ instead of, say, Mogo. The DMV is very intertwined, especially to people outside the region who are looking in.

    It’s not like a player for Jacksonville saying he’s looking forward to learning more about the Miami area.

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