The Redskins’ Draft-Pick Shortage (Cont.)

I’m no fan of the trade, probably because I’m just that: a fan. Surely Mike Shanahan knows more than some armchair quarterback, and there’s plenty to like about the deal. Still, I can’t get past the issue of mortgaging tomorrow for today.

Washington now has two picks in the first four rounds of this month’s draft and three in the first four next year. For them, that’s par for the course as the past 10 years (2000-09) have seen the Skins hold onto only 27 such picks — 48 percent less than their allotment.

How does that happen? Well, they aren’t “Offseason Champs” for nothing. McNabb joins an infamous group of aging veteran players who have come to Washington in exchange for picks, including Jason Taylor, Mark Brunell, T.J. Duckett and Brandon Lloyd.

The approach hasn’t yielded success as the Skins averaged just seven wins per season and made the playoffs only twice over the past decade. Who knows, though, maybe this works out. McNabb’s bald-headed boyfriend (BHB) certainly thinks it will.

PS: Draft linemen.

8 thoughts on “The Redskins’ Draft-Pick Shortage (Cont.)”

  1. While their value may not be high, we still have trade bait in Campbell, Portis, and Landry (who was reportedly offered to the Eagles in an early effort to get McNabb [as was Haynesworth, but now that we’ve paid him that $21 million bonus last week, I doubt he’s going anywhere]).

    I fully expect at least one of those guys to be traded on or before draft day, recouping some of our lost draft picks.

  2. Not to mention that the skins draft picks have fared about as well as our free agent signings. We’ll get back one of those draft picks for Campbell. It essentially means that we get mcnabb in the second round of this year’s draft. i could also see us trading back in the first round. take one of SF’s two first rounders and trade them portis, landry, haynesworth or campbell for a second rounder or any other option and i’m sure that would make up for it.

    Even if we don’t land more picks, if we are a great team for the next 4/5 years b/c of mcnabb and presumable a new OT from this draft, i still hope you guys will stick to your guns and continue to talk about what a terrible this move was. The fact that you “can’t find a positive way to spin this” is absurd.

  3. Donovan McNabb to wear No. 5 with Redskins, Colt Brennan switches to 15.

    Also if they sign T.O. my office desk will turn into that scene from Scanners…..

  4. Harrison, what’s “absurd”, to me at least, is thinking the Redskins will be “a great team for the next 4/5 years b/c of mcnabb and presumable a new OT from this draft.”

    If that occurs though, I’ll happily admit how wrong I was.

  5. MikeBradley:

    Mine too. I don’t think I can stay a fan if that happens. They will have lost me. They’re on thin ice right now.

  6. I’m not saying that they will but you’re saying that they’re mortgaging their future means you think that those picks would have rendered something more valuable than mcnabb bye then. I’m not wild about the trade either but i’m surprised by how horrible and lopsided you think it is.

  7. Harrison, I’m with you all the way.
    Obviously Shanahan felt that McNabb was better than anyone else he could have gotten in the 2 slot. In reality we got an all-pro QB for peanuts. Manning is older, Favre is older and Elway was older. It’s time for fans to quit whining, go get an OT and kick some butt.

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