Redskins Crucify JC on Easter Sunday

The Skins traded their 2010 second-rounder and 2011 third or fourth-rounder for McNabb, and I don’t see how you spin this in a positive way.

Washington gets a 33-year-old QB who’s a minor win-now upgrade over the 28-year-old QB they’ve already got, and he comes at the expense of precious draft picks. He’s also someone we’re programmed to dislike quite a bit.

Not making this easier to swallow is that a) Philly thinks so little of McNabb that they’re willing to face him twice a year and b) Jason Campbell’s trade value — or value period — is now basically nil.

I guess the only bright side is that this makes trading up for Bradford or drafting Clausen less likely. I think. But I don’t really know what to think.


Update: Chris sees the silver lining in the deal, and I analyze Washington’s draft-pick shortage. Also, get your “Offseason Champs” t-shirt!

32 thoughts on “Redskins Crucify JC on Easter Sunday”

  1. Is it really that bad of a move? I mean I’m not in love with it, but it pretty much shows we have an OL coming draft day.

    I’ll agree with the notion that JC never got a fair shake, but were we going to do anything with him at the helm this season?

    I will say that I wish it was 2006. We’d be stacked right now.

  2. Seems like a great chance for Bradford to find success without having to deal for playing for a team that denigrates his heritage. Plus the current O-line will set a sack record if he gets mired at FedEx field.

  3. Did we really need to go to “crucify” levels. I mean, I know your a JC apologist, but give me a break.

    If the guy goes elsewhere and does well, you’ll be right about everything. BUT, hitherto all we’ve seen of Campbell is that he can’t win games. Besides the not-so-last minute victory against the Saints two years ago, when has he brought us back to win a game?

  4. with the 37th pick in the NFL Draft the Eagles select Timothy Tebow…….ha ha ha, I hope this happens.

  5. Yes we’re programmmed to hate any NFC East players; however, McNabb is a great QB. I don’t necessarily like that they aren’t giving JC a change but for some reason I feel more comfortable with this deal than if Allen/Shanny had taken Bradford/Claussen/Tebow with the 4th pick. Hopefully they’ll take Okung or Bulaga at no. 4. Also I don’t think this is a ridiculous deal compared to what we might have seen in the Cerrato era.

  6. Hard to separate being a jc fan and a redskins fan, but at this point, you have to do it. The skins got better today at the most important position in the sport. I don’t think you are able to evaluate the trade until you see what they do at 4, and the entire draft.

    If the skins are able to trade down for more picks – improve at OL and get the QB of the future, who can now sit for 2-3 years…this is a great move for skins fans. For those of us who were always hoping for JC to get a real shot…not so much.

  7. My thoughts exactly.

    There’s so much to comprehend right now.

    There’s only 2 things I know for sure: I feel bad for Jason, and I’m happy we won’t get Clausen.

  8. With our O-line, we could have the actual Jesus Christ at QB and still not win games. Don’t understand this trade and am afraid that Philly knows something we’ll soon be sorry to learn.

  9. Good to see the Skins are still trying to break the model of the best teams in the NFL by not building through the draft. Still, this is an upgrade. An uncomfortable upgrade.

  10. To me, you have to go back to the offensive line and just how poor the status quo really is. There’s bad and then there’s disastrous. The Skins’ OL is the latter, without question. Sure, a 22 year-old kid at #4 is a step (albeit a slow step) in the right direction, but for the most part McNabb’s looking at horrid protection from a band of well-traveled disappointments.

    Put Manning or Brady back there and expect 10 wins and you’re crazy. McNabb’s smarter, savvier and more experienced than Campbell, but without an OL overhaul, we’re still mediocre. He’s no miracle worker.

  11. Could this be Jason Taylor 2.0? Even worse, what if the McNabb we get is a cyborg saboteur sent back in time by the Eagles to derail the Redskins from drafting a future Hall of Famer with that 2nd round pick and starting a decade long championship run?

    Damn you to hell SkyNet/Andy Reid.

  12. It’s amazing how vastly people’s opinions on this differ. Wilbon’s column this morning was like an erotic novel.

  13. I hate this trade because it doesn’t mean we are definitely getting any OL help. McNabb has 2-4 years left in him so we still need the long term fix at QB. Shanny could still draft a QB at 4 and then we don’t pick again until the 4th round. I hope McNabb likes getting drilled all game long. I just hope he survives the season.

  14. So where does JC go? Is there any value for him? Espn spouted off about 6 teams that are “highly interested” .. Is he going to garner a 2nd or 3rd round pick?

  15. Jamie: I too am a Campbell fan, and don’t think he has has ever really been given a chance to succeed here. I also thinks this spells the end of his tenure here in all likelihood, although if we go into next year w/ Mcnabb, Campbell and [insert whoever], he could still be given a chance to produce under a real football regime, given injury/open competition scenerios. That would give Shanny/Allen a chance to evaluate him ‘first hand.’

    Assuming it does signal the end of his tenure here, I disagree this deal decreases his value – i still think its possible he brings a 2nd rounder sometime between now and April 22. If that happens, the Redskins basically swapped Campbell for McNabb, which would obviously signal that they did not have the same faith in Campbell as do you and I. But, given that they didn’t think that Campbell was a viable franchise QB, what that does (swapping McNabb for Campbell in essence) is it gives them 2 to 3 years before having to bring in the QB of the future. Which is why i think the commenter above was correct when he said you can’t fully analyze this deal until you see what they do in the draft.

    Imagine this scenerio: Trade JC for a 2nd rounder (say #50 overall, then trade out of number 4 (for which there should be alot of demand from those desiroius of: Clausen, McCoy, Okung, Berry, etc.) and get in return a later first rounder plus a second rounder. So, after all is said and done, they could still have a first and two seconds, (3 potential OL starters), without having to solve the QB problem this year. Thats 3 OL starters potentially.

    Wait to see the draft/any potential move for Campbell before you react to this one – its really dynamic.


  16. Best case scenario –
    4th round for Campbell
    Trade out of 4 and pick up a 2nd this year
    Have 2 or 3 drafts to find franchise QB
    Draft OL with late 1st, new 2nd and both 4ths.
    Kolb sucks dick.

    Worst case scenario –
    6th round for Campbell
    Draft Clausen at 4
    No OL unitl 4th
    McNabb tears ACL getting drilled from blindside
    Kolb is great
    Campbell is great in buffalo, carolina or jax.

    Which is more likely???

  17. I’ll take this with a smile on my face. I can’t believe that you are saying Campbell didn’t get a chance. “Happy feet” Campbell was given lots of chances and they all ended badly. I say good riddance. We have wasted enough time waiting for him to be the franchise quarterback. That is not going to happen. I am happy with taking this chance. IT is not a long term solution, but it is not supposed to be.

  18. JC had the opportunity. Should be lose him? Not necessarily. However being true to the game and what the skins have done in the last decade,I will take whatever we get!

  19. Finaly the voice of reason (post #29). Campbell had his chance. More like chances. I’m constantly shaking my head at the sympathy he recieves. If I felt sorry for him at all its because he seems to be a very likeable person. Unfortunately, thats not enough. Hard to comment on whats going to happen with the rest of the team. We are all in the dark at this point.

    Give Jesse Lumsden another chance (like they really gave him one before)!!

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