Wiz Break Team Record No Team Wants

I was thinking about listing all of the things that have gone wrong for the Wiz this season, but I think this actually does the trick:

Andray Blatche (71), Randy Foye (70), Nick Young (64), Earl Boykins (59), JaVale McGee (50), Brendan Haywood (49), Caron Butler (47), Fabricio Oberto (47), Mike Miller (44), Antawn Jamison (41), Dominic McGuire (41), DeShawn Stevenson (40), Gilbert Arenas (32), James Singleton (22), Quinton Ross (20), Al Thornton (19), Shaun Livingston (16), Alonzo Gee (11), Mike Harris (5), Josh Howard (4), Mike James (4), Paul Davis (2) and now [Cartier] Martin.

That’s everyone who has worn a Wiz uni in 2009-10. There are 23 in all, a new team record. If you count Drew Gooden and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who the Wiz traded for but never played, the number is at 25. And, with the acquisition of D-Leaguer Cedric Jackson, the tally’s about to tick one higher.

So congratulations, Cedric, you’re a part of history we won’t soon forget.

One thought on “Wiz Break Team Record No Team Wants”

  1. I dont see Drew Gooden’s kung-fu monkesque hair style qualifying for a roster spot here. Was that a mistake or was it the off-the-court troubles?

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