Blogger to Own Wizards, Verizon Center

The new Wiz owner is Caps owner/captain of the Internet Ted Leonsis, and, yes, he has a blog (and an excellent head of hair). As expected, he’s buying the the team and arena for the reported price of $550 million. Lucky for him, he already owns 44 percent, so he’ll only have to fork over a few hundred million bucks.

What does this mean for you, dear Wiz fans? Well, should you still exist, maybe a new GM. Maybe an attempt to void Gil’s contract. Maybe a Lottery WIN so John Wall or Evan Turner can be D.C.’s hoops version of Ovechkin.

But what I’d suggest Ted do right off the bat is simple, really: Change the colors back to red, white and blue. Ninety-three percent of Mr. Irrelevant readers approve, and Mr. Irrelevant readers are never wrong.

Regardless, hooray for the Wiz, and hooray for Ted. This is a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Blogger to Own Wizards, Verizon Center”

  1. Change the name back to the Bullets as well. Also I will be the lone Bullets fan in the crowd Friday night in Charlotte rocking the Rasheed Wallace Jersey

  2. I talked to phil chenier, and steve buckhantz before the game they were really cool they couldn’t believe a bullets fan came to the game they also were diggin the red white and blue.

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