Georgetown Is King of NCAA Tournament Upsets, and Not in a Good Way

Georgetown isn’t necessarily the worst Goliath in Tourney history (see also: Syracuse), but they were on the wrong side of the biggest upset so far of this year’s Tournament — a 97-83 loss to Ohio, which finished ninth in the MAC.

And it’s nothing new, as it was their fourth ever to a team seeded five-plus spots lower:

1985: Lost as a 1 to 8-seed Villanova in the Championship.
1987: Lost as a 1 to 6-seed Providence in the Elite Eight.
2008: Lost as a 2 to 10-seed Davidson in the second round.
2010: Lost as a 3 to 14-seed Ohio in the first round.

So, yeah, John Thompson III’s last two Tourney games haven’t gone so well. To JT3’s credit though, they did go to the Final Four in 2007 and Sweet 16 in ’06 after he turned the program around.

Plus, everyone should be back next season, except for maybe the Lottery-projected Greg Monroe, who turned it over a career-high seven times today.

Update: D1scourse has a stat regarding the 97 points given up to Ohio:

It’s the most points a team seeded No. 1 through No. 4 has given up in the first round since the tournament expanded to 64 teams.

6 thoughts on “Georgetown Is King of NCAA Tournament Upsets, and Not in a Good Way”

  1. Knowing what I know about Providence, RI. There isn’t a better setting for that result. I’m sure people bought tickets on the outside chance of seeing a Hoya’s upset.

  2. People in the know give the MAC conference the respect it deserves but the short sighted writers adapt a herd mentality and keep MAC teams out of the tournament.

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