DMV: JaVale McGee’s Fish Out of Water

This happened a few days ago, and Rod Benson’s “fish out of water” move has been done before, but JaVale McGee’s new dunk celebration is for all time, and very much his own. [Truth About It]

The Wiz have more trouble scoring, lose to Houston. [Wizards Insider]

Greivis makes a couple All-American teams. [Sporting News, Jeff Goodman]

Maryland-Duke II named college hoops game of the year. [Pat Forde]

Shocker: Boz gets breathless over Strassy’s first outing. [Thomas Boswell]

Strasburg’s “Serious Wicked Shit Factor” is pretty high. [NatsFanboyLooser]

Four reasons why Strasburg is going to the minors first. [Nats Insider]

The watching-the-Nats-on-MASN drinking game. [Past a Diving Vidro]

Spotted: a Tony Plush/Nyjer Morgan hockey jersey. [Nationals Inquisition]

O’s Brian Matusz named the No. 1 fantasy rookie to watch. [SI]

What Brian Roberts’ herniated disc means for the O’s. [Krem’s Sports Blog]

More fond remembrances of Frank Herzog. [Redskins Blog]

Colts claim ex-Skins and JMU D-lineman J.D. Skolnitsky. [PFT]

The Caps can totally score their way to a Stanley Cup. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski discusses his Vancouver experience. [OFB]

WaPo loses a standout business reporter to the NY Times. [City Desk]

WaPo subscribers cancel over gay pic, get served by ombudsman. [DCist]

One thought on “DMV: JaVale McGee’s Fish Out of Water”

  1. The Post losing a business reporter to the Times sounds just as ridiculous as the Times losing a sports reporter to the Post… wait, what? Shit!

    Everyone loses.

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