Fear the Curious Facial Hair

Maryland 79, Duke 72. Meaning the Terps will probably share the ACC title, but not Player of the Year. That’s all Greivis’.

See also: Vasquez’ original curious facial hair

Update: Jordan Williams’ and-one dunk on Scheyer’s face

Update No. 2: Images and video of Terps fans storming the floor, etc.

Update No. 3: Via Steinz, here’s video of Vasquez’s last-minute shot, which was infuriatingly awful … until it went in and then, god, it was brilliant:

8 thoughts on “Fear the Curious Facial Hair”

  1. He dug up Salvador Dali’s corpse. Stole his moustache. And now wears it as a trophy on his chin announcing to the world shimmyism’s dominance over surrealism.
    I now have a better understanding of genetics after witnessing Pa Vasquez’ intensity. Greivis’ dad has a great chance at a threeway tonight. “Gracias hijo.”

  2. Wow. What a night for Maryland. Recruits in the house. Juan Dixon in the house. Fresh gold tees. Awesome.

    By the way, its time to start about thinking to put Gary’s name on that court…

  3. To Ben Cohen, your public, gracious, and humble admission of the incredible superiority of GV over Scheyer was not lost on me. I agree, the clutch performances, the big game ability, and yes, the winning personality, make Greivis the runaway favorite for POY. Also, the fact that one year, and oodles (scads?) of leadership, has made me a fan of Greivis’ does speak to the advances he has made in maturity. I’ll admit that I was once a detractor of Vasquez’. I thought him too headstrong, cockey, brash, and over the top. This is not the case with Scheyer. Him, I still hate.

  4. “Most people call that traveling.”

    No they don’t.

    Well, maybe the ones who confuse ‘two’ with other numbers do.

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