Josh Howard Might Be the Perfect Wizard

Josh Howard is out for the season with a torn ACL. Meaning in nine days in D.C., he has:

a) Been accused of missing a game due to hangover.
b) Talked playoffs with the team 7.5 games back with 31 to go.
c) Suffered a major injury.

Meaning it took him a week to evoke memories of Webber being stoned on his way to practice, Jamison decorating his locker with a poster of the Larry O’Brien Trophy and Arenas blowing out a tire.

Though he may have only played four games as a Wizard, he made all the right moves to be a Wizard for life. Impressive.

2 thoughts on “Josh Howard Might Be the Perfect Wizard”

  1. And let’s not forget two other things:

    1) he admitted to smoking pot during the offseason

    2) he pulled a C-Webb Timeout no-no in college against Maryland in 2002, if I recall correctly.

    Yes, he’s a perfect fit!

  2. two things…
    1)the comedic value of a Josh Howard Wizards jersey just skyrocketed

    2)can someone please create a bobblehands version of Arenas doing the finga gunz? I will pay top dollar

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