Explaining Ovechkin’s Red-Eyed Sheep

Phenomenal hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski is in Vancouver covering the Olympics for Fourth-Place Medal and writing ledes like this:

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin’s Winter Olympic skates are as spectacular and ostentatious as Alex Ovechkin. They catch one’s eye from anywhere in the arena, and most likely also from the Earth’s orbit. They have golden laces and red flames and some sort of demonic farm animal. Their inspired sports artistry make us wish Russia had a NASCAR circuit.

That is a “demonic” sheep, isn’t it? Wyshynski (via Dmitry Chesnokov) has the explanation:

“The sheep is sort of a tribute to Ovechkin’s last name. ‘Ovechka’ is translated as a ‘sheep’ into English. So, Ovechkin’s last name (with the common Russian ending of ‘-in’) means ‘sheep.'”

Of course it does. And of course Ovi is already tearing it up in the Olympics, scoring twice in Russia’s opening win and pissing off an ESPN reporter. Next up? Russia vs. Slovakia this evening.

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2 thoughts on “Explaining Ovechkin’s Red-Eyed Sheep”

  1. Favorite string of consecutive words, “We say this in closing, and with a high level of confidence: Sidney Crosby would never behave this way.”

    That’s because Sindey is as vanilla as they come (you mean you DON’T want to see if he can shoot the most pucks into a clothes dryer?). Maybe if this cub reporter spent time trying to establish a relationship with OV before the olympics, OV would take time out of his world-domination quest to deign to speak with Burnside.

    I’m not even kidding, via urban dictionary, Scott Burnside: “Stupid tool who does not check his facts when writing articles. Typically he makes fun of people who have far more money and far more power then he could ever think of having.”

    Nice use of the royal “we,” prick.

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