Pouring Some Tuff Juice Out for Caron, One of the Five Best Wizards Since 1985

Caron Butler played four-plus seasons for the Wiz before going to Dallas, averaging 19 points per game and making three playoff appearances and two All-Star rosters. He was a good player with a great nickname and even better back story, and Ernie Grunfeld got him for a song named Kwame Brown.

It’s enough to make him one of the five best Wiz/Bullets of my life as a fan, which, dates back to ’85 or so. “Best” is a highly subjective term though, so I’m defining it based on five criteria: quality of play, quality of team, longevity, likability and interest/intrigue. Here’s the list:

1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Chris Webber
3. Antawn Jamison
4. Caron Butler
5. Jeff Malone
Honorable mentions:
Juwan Howard, Rod Strickland, Bernard King, Moses Malone and Larry Hughes

That’s my list at least. The sad part? It’s so thin that new Maverick Brendan Haywood almost gets a mention. Sadder still? No. 3 will probably, hopefully be sent packing by Thursday’s trade deadline.

They’ll be missed, but it’s time now. They did good, relatively speaking.

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13 thoughts on “Pouring Some Tuff Juice Out for Caron, One of the Five Best Wizards Since 1985”

  1. Manute Bol and Bernard King still hold special places in my Bullets heart.

    I would love to see the bottom 5 of the list. Ruffin makes mine simply for that loss against Toronto. “NO..not possible!” is still in my nightmares.

  2. You just reminded me that I’ve spent the past 25 years rooting for a sub par to mediocre franchise.

    That being said, I was a big Terry Catledge, Frank Johnson and John Williams fan in the late 80s.

    Only change I would make to the list is I’d have Bernard King and Moses ahead of Caron and Jeff.

  3. I love me some Bernard and Moses too but the former was filling it up for bad teams and the latter was only a Bullet for two seasons while Caron and Malone were repeat All-Stars for perennial playoff teams.

  4. Could the season possibly get worse aside from a few less W’s? Which will be hard to come by with the roster we’ll be left with by week’s end.

  5. Caron was a very good player for us who, in addition to ridding us of Kwame, was sacrificed from what eventually became a championship Lakers team.

    I echo the Googs comment, even though he hit is stride elsewhere. Hot Plate was a true heart-breaker. Could have been great if he could have dropped the chalupas. As for Rod Strickland, he’s still the best point to never make an All-Star team. It had nothing to do with his play — a legit 20 ppg/10 apg in his prime — but his attitude. He’s done nice work shaping Derrick Rose and now John Wall, though.

  6. Googs, Bernard King & Gheorge EACH had more heart & desire than Webber, Juwan & Rod COMBINED.

    What about Rip? MJ @ 40 was as good as Larry Hughes….

    Only thing to note here – if we’re including the other 1/2 of the game (i.e., defense), you may have to leave Antawn off the list. Hands down the worst clutch defender in the league, also a black hole on offense (as was Jeff Malone). Great guy, love him and all that, but…

  7. That’s a good point about defense, which I didn’t put too much stock in (hence Gil’s No. 1 status).

    Still, I don’t know that ‘Tawn and J. Malone’s deficiencies there knock them out of the top five.

    Also, any mention of Googs, Hot Plate, T-Cat and/or Gheorge gets a +1. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

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