DMV: Is Mike Leach Succeeding Fridge?

mike-leach-finga-gunz.jpgTwo ESPN reporters predict Leach will land in College Park this “decade.” Hey, he’s already got the Finga Gunz down. [Testudo Times]

A fine column about Gary Williams upon his 1,000th game. [John Feinstein]

Brush up on your bracketology for the local teams. [DCist]

London Fletcher backdoors into the Pro Bowl, nominated for Walter Payton Award. [Redskins Blog].

Why drafting Bradford makes no sense. [Blog on the Warpath, Hogs Haven]

Mike Williams, Dockery and Kyle Shanahan were teammates. [Skins Blog]

“Perhaps the best regular season week in [Caps] history.” [Ted’s Take]

Former 1st-rounder Eric Fehr is playing well for the Caps. [WaPo]

O’s bring Miggy back to play 3B, which may be a good thing. [Camden Chat]

Tejada may bat cleanup, at least for a while. [The Wayward O]

The Wiz get whipped at home by the Clips. Depressing. [Wizards Insider]

At least the #FreeMikeJames movement made progress. [Truth About It]

WaPo Mag cover story on how Under Armour’s challenging Nike. [WaPo]

3 thoughts on “DMV: Is Mike Leach Succeeding Fridge?”

  1. Shocker. No acknowledgment of Williams 1,000th game as a D1 coach during the game. Cant believe that type of thing would happen at such a well oiled machine that is the Maryland athletic program.

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