George Michael, 1939-2009


Three quick stories about George Michael, a titan of D.C. sports media who died this morning following a two-year battle with cancer:

1. At the Super Bowl in Miami a few years back, walking out of Joe’s Stone Crab, my buddy CT and I passed Michael and Sonny Jurgensen as they waited for a table. CT yelled “SPORTS MACHINE” at the top of his lungs in their general direction. Michael reacted as if he got that all the time.

2. In college, before the Internet was a constant, I heard that George Michael had been caught soliciting a male prostitute. I thought it was the sportscaster George Michael and not the pop star George Michael for hours, maybe even days, before looking it up online and clearing up my confusion.

3. Growing up, my friends and I cherished the times we were able to stay up late enough to watch Sports Machine. Along with Saturday Night Live, it was our favorite show. I think a lot of sports-obsessed kids felt that way.

He will be missed.

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