DMV: The Newest Nat Must Be Thrilled

everyday-eddie.jpgThe Nats are close to signing 39-year-old middle reliever Everyday Eddie Guardado:

His most notable connection with the Nationals, prior to this offseason, was a joke. At the trade deadline in 2008, Guardado, then with the Rangers, was told by his manager that he’d been dealt to Washington. Guardado was incensed — until he realized it was a prank.

Wonderful. Sounds familiar. [Nats Journal]

Strasburg signs his first endorsement deal, with Topps. [Nats Journal]

Portis: “If Zorn’s done, that’s great, if you get Shanahan.” [Skins Insider]

The players involved explain the swinging gate debacle. [Redskins Blog]

Interviewing Jerry Gray doesn’t make the Skin any less racist. [Stet Sports]

A fine set of fan pics from FedEx on Monday night. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Wiz win after Flip benches starters, Antawn throws a fit. [Wiz Insider]

Maryland wins big; Greivis nearly pulls a triple-double. [Testudo Times]

Maryland was one of NCAA football’s 10 lamest teams in ’09. [Dr. Saturday]

JMU’s Denzel Bowles is CAA player of the week. [RTD via JMU Sports Blog]

WaPo screwed up the “cop brings gun to snowball fight” story. [City Desk]

Obama prank calls Gov. Kaine on the radio (“Barry from D.C.”). [Politico]

Must-watch: The Basketball Jones’ take on Christmas caroling. [The Score]

Go see Wale at 9:30 Club on New Year’s Day. [DCist]

4 thoughts on “DMV: The Newest Nat Must Be Thrilled”

  1. Is it me or is the “Rooney Rule” actually worse for minority coaches? If a team focuses on a coach (white or black) why should they throw a bone by doing a interview that doesn’t mean anything? It is actually insulting. And if the coach or coaches they pass up becomes a good coach and they fire the one they hired, so be it.

  2. I keep hearing this perspective, and it boggles the mind how off it is. First, nothing is more embarrassing than 32 owners self-policing by acknowledging that they need to be forced into giving minorities a CHANCE to be a head coach.

    Second, the interview does mean something. If you bring in a minority just on the rule, and he happens to completely blow away the competition, the spirit of the rule has been maintained and executed.

    Maybe you have to be a minority to appreciate the shot to show your talent and ability, when you know your race is a qualifying characteristic from the jump; intentional or otherwise on the employer’s part.

  3. Does the Rooney Rule work in reverse then? For example, a team has already named a coach in waiting (Indy) and he is a minority, do they HAVE to interview a white guy as well? And if they do and he blows it out of the water, what happens if they hire him? Or is this just in place to get minorities interviews and the outcome of them don’t mean squat…..and if so, why as a minority would you want to do something like that?

    That would be like me, a white guy, going and interviewing at a place like Alcorn St. because they have to interview a white guy, even though they already have the coach they want chosen. To me, that is a waste of everyone’s time and is kind of insulting.

  4. Not everybody has the coach they want chosen; that’s where you are muddling the point of the rule. And if you want a shot at the Alcorn job, and the admin is too ignorant to think you should, at the very least, interview for the job, then yes; you should have that opportunity.

    No one is asking for the job; it’s the shot at demonstrating you are capable enough to hold the job. Civil Rights 101, bro.

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