Redskins-Giants II Winners & Losers



Danny SmithThe “swinging gate” play (see above), which Smith must have drawn up, was the ultimate fail. How was that even supposed to work? It was an astonishing failure, as was this entire game, which shall forever be known as Swinging Gate-Gate.

The offensive line — Guys were coming in untouched on Jason Campbell all game. It was comical, really. Though probably not for Campbell.

Greg Blache/Jerry Gray — The game after being rumored — erroneously or not — to have interviewed for the head coaching job, their defense was absolutely blown out of the water.

LaRon Landry — Totally whiffed on a sideline tackle and gave up I-don’t-know-how-many receiving yards/TDs.

Jason Campbell — Didn’t have a chance back there, and was as tough as always, but that pick-six was awful.

Phillip Daniels’ wife — For making this bedazzled jersey.

Ron Jaworski — For the second straight week, Brian Orakpo was referred to as “Orapko.”

The refs — Somehow penalized Albert Haynesworth and Haynesworth alone for a fight started and carried on by Brandon Jacobs.

Vinny Cerrato — This game, this awful, awful game, is his legacy.



Bruce Allen — At least he wasn’t sitting next to that sweatervest.

The fans — There weren’t many at FedEx Field, but everyone who showed up and stuck around for the live blog is a trooper. Lord knows it wasn’t easy.

11 thoughts on “Redskins-Giants II Winners & Losers”

  1. What is the guy next to Snyder doing?

    1. puckering up ready to kiss Snyder’s butt (must work for The Danny)?

    2. Doing his best Bill Cosby impersenation….”umm pudding pops”?

    3. Having a seizure?

  2. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the hell that play was to end the half. What’s so wrong about kicking a field goal in that situation?

  3. On the swinging gate play, I think the plan was for Davis to set up for a screen hoping the defense would jump it and then take off to get behind them. Little did they know that the Giants wouldn’t fall for it and even if they did, Smith apparently doesn’t have the arm to even get the ball there.

    Also, we should put Albright on the o-line. ‘Cause even without anyone else blocking, Smith had more time to throw than Campbell did all night.

  4. How is Dan Snyder not on the loser list? His choices lead to last night’s defeat and humiliation.

    This was the harvesting of the fields Snyder salted with an unqualified GM, an unqualified coach and over-priced free agents.

    I can only hope last night served to humble and embarass him. For a guy so used to success youd have to think seeing his organization totally out classed, from players, to coaches to management, that this would be the clearest signal to change his mindset when it comes to the Skins.

  5. After pulling some BS fake FG in the first game, you would think the Giants would be prepared this time around. Plus, if you get a FG and go into the half down 24-3 there is a change. We did score a TD coming out in the 2nd half and it would have been 24-10 (assuming we make the PAT) and the game isn’t over.

    How did Jacobs not get a penalty for throwing punches? My guess, Haynesworth gets a game suspension and Jacobs gets a fine which would be fucked up.

  6. WhatsInaName, Albright didn’t even snap the ball… Todd Yoder did. As if that play needed any more confusion.

    In other news, while watching the “fight” last night, I thought for sure Jacobs was the only one throwing serious haymakers, but I noticed today that Haynesworth threw one the second he entered the scene (on the Giant that pushed DeAngelo to the ground). My guess is they’ll both be fined about $20k, and I wouldn’t be shocked if a suspension is handed down, too.

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