JMU’s Purple Turf Is the Less Original, I-AA Version of Boise State’s Blue Field

If you’re a Mr. Irrelevant reader, then you know I attended James Madison University. And if you’ve been to a James Madison football game of recent vintage, you know that JMU fans purple the fug out.

So much so that the “Purple Turf for JMU” Facebook group has 2,800 members and counting, all united by this mission:

The purpose of this group is to try and convince James Madison Univeristy’s Admin to get a purple turf for the new stadium. Boise State has an all Blue turf. It looks awesome and confuses visting teams. The JMU DUKES deserve Purple turf

As my friend Will Munny would say, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.” Plus, this looks ridiculous:


But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from Mr. Irrelevant JMU sports correspondents Todd Davis and Robb Abbott. First up, Mr. Davis:

I’m torn on this one. I would normally get behind anything that raises the Q, but I do think you run a substantial risk (much like BSU) of almost branding yourself as a gimmick or a niche program. Plus it is kind of Boise’s deal. Oh yeah, and we’re dropping 62 mill on a renovating the house, so the carpet can wait even if Empire’s run a 9 rooms for the price of 1 deal.

Also, not to say that it’s official, but the program just installed the current FieldTurf in ’05 or ’06 so it’s not going anywhere. And for the record, I think it’s a darn good looking field right now with the alternating darker green/green every five yards.

And Mr. Abbott:

I tend to agree w/ TD, though I am in favor of nearly any chatter, facebook group, etc related to some aspect of JMU football, even if I don’t necessarily agree w/what binds the group. Obviously, there are limits to this, but for now I’m sort of in the any publicity is good publicity camp.

Really, grass would be preferable. Not sure why that’s not an option. But if it must be turf, I don’t care about the color. Purple is distinctive, and it’d give our guys an identity. If it also gives them some sort of advantage, great.

So, sure, let there be purple.

Thanks to the bro from Caps blog Simply Sensational for the tip on this one.

9 thoughts on “JMU’s Purple Turf Is the Less Original, I-AA Version of Boise State’s Blue Field”

  1. I think the reason they can’t do real grass is that the field stayed too soggy. Remember how muddy it always got in Godwin Field when it rained? I think the old turf that was there before the field turf dated back to the 70’s.

    Personally, I don’t like the purple idea. The field turf is brand new and looks really nice.

  2. The new field turf is great … nice effect with the green saturation changing every 5 yards. I’d stay with it. Especially considering the millions going to the rest of the stadium. As a Virginia taxpayer, I’m fine with my alma mater keeping a green field.

  3. come on guys…you cant get any more “purple out” then purple turf! what happened to bleedin purple?! boise state is known for their turf, by ppl who dont even know football. i think purple turf would further put us on the map. everyone knows jmu wants to leave AA…and we have made a name for ourselves since beating va tech! lets go big or go home…get the purple turf!

  4. fuck jmu they are a mediocre football team at a mediocre school in a shitty D-1 AA conference. tech is now 8-2 while you guys are 5-5. If you assholes wanna keep reliving the dream, go ahead, but just know that it will never happen again, and you’ll never be the team or school that VT is. Keep celebrating while we continue to actually be in the acc and play great teams. peace bitches

  5. Damn someone is bitter as hell.

    VT a great school? VT is THE wanna be school, academically and athletically. YOU HAVE WON ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ANY SPORT!

  6. Tosh Stevenson, look who lost to Stanford. Dont talk so much trash. Can tell you are a young tech fan, when you get older you will learn. Less trash talk you will learn how to be more respectful. You have JMU’s old coach thats why yall got Tyrod Taylor….SO how do you spell thank you JMU. Our Girls look better and we help get Tyrod Taylor for you.

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