The 0-21 Orioles Are Being Threatened

Like we did when learning of this year’s Saints challenging to the 1991 Skins, let’s note this year’s Nets mounting a challenge to the 1988 O’s.

The Nets are 0-18, which is the worst start to a season in any of the four major pro sports … except for the 0-21 start of the aforementioned Orioles. The Orioles that saw their star player’s dad fired six games in and ended up losing 107 games. The same O’s that got Billy Ripken on the cover of Sports Illustrated and whose best pitcher was Jose Bautista. They were worse then than the Nationals are now.

Hopefully the Nets win one of their next three (vs. the Bobcats, Knicks and Bulls), because, thanks to some perverse nostalgia, those O’s will always have a piece of my heart.


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