DMV: Crean Doesn’t Appreciate IU Fans Calling Greivis a Colloquialism for Vagina

Tom Crean rages against the Indiana fans chanting “vulgarities” at Greivis Vasquez during Maryland’s win last night in Bloomington. [The Dagger]

“Fans chanted p*ssy as [Vasquez] shot free throws.” [@HWKellenberger]

With 23, 8 and 5, it was Greivis’ best game of the season. [Toy Dept.]

Zone D and big nights from Milbourne, Mosley got the W. [Terps Insider]

Criticizing the decision to keep Fridge and his staff intact. [Testudo Times]

Debbie Yow expects Fridge to win 7+ games next season. [Terps Insider]

Big Three plus Big Wood beat Toronto for 3rd win in last 4. [Wiz Insider]

Just go look at Mike Miller’s outfit. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Nats say goodbye to Da Meathook, Livan and Kearns. [All Nats]

Nats Twitter war: John Lannan vs. Colin Balestar. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Ovi suspended for two games due to “reckless” play. [WaPo]

Leonsis writes about Ovechkin poignantly, and with pride. [Ted’s Take]

Boomer Esiason says stupid shit about Jason Campbell. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Albert Haynesworth drink of choice is a Skinny Bitch on the Rag. [KSK]

Wale to perform at FedEx during halftime of the Dallas game. [NBC D.C.]

Words and pics from the Pixies at Constitution Hall. [DCist]

6 thoughts on “DMV: Crean Doesn’t Appreciate IU Fans Calling Greivis a Colloquialism for Vagina”

  1. Wale performing at the half of Skins/Dallas is awesome. How much more DC does one get?

    Re: Pixies show. Its sad a group of such artistry, creativity and energy arent more into their product. I understand it may be old hat to them, but theres some real power in ther music. Just goes to show how creative differences can drive greatness. And why bands break up.

    I feel like every Radiohead song is a recreation of “Where is My Mind”.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the country song that Kearns uses as his at-bat music? I’ll miss hearing that song.

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