Should Wizards Change Back to Bullets?

bullets-fever.jpgI’m glad Ted Leonsis will likely be the new owner of the Washington Wizards. Not because he’ll be better than Abe Pollin was, or whatever, but because someone has to take over, and I’m glad it’s Ted.

He’s local, he’s rich, he’s smart, he’s savvy, he’s digital and he’s had success owning the Verizon Center’s other occupant, the Washington Capitals.

Once Ted’s the owner though, he’ll have to address two big questions:

1. Should the Wizards change back to wearing red, white and blue? The answer there is a resounding yes, at least according to 93 percent of you.

2. Should the Wiz change back to being the Bullets? That’s trickier. Pollin himself changed the name to Wizards. As Kelly Dwyer said, it’s Abe’s legacy, or at least part of it. But, just one day after his passing, the City Paper is already calling for the change to Bullets.

There’s logic on both sides, but I don’t feel like drudging through it. I’m just curious to hear from you, so have at it, Washington basketball fans.

Note: “Bullets Fever” image stolen from the Wizznutzz’ Mothering Hut t-shirt.

6 thoughts on “Should Wizards Change Back to Bullets?”

  1. Change back, but only after some time has passed. It would be an affront to Mr. Pollin’s memory to do otherwise.

  2. If Ted Leonsis gets the Wizards, I’m betting the name doesn’t change. Abe Pollin probably made a handshake deal with Ted to not change the name back and I think Ted would stick to it.

  3. Keep the name, it would be an affront to change it. Now the colors, on the other hand, need to change immediately.

    I too am glad Leonsis seems to be in line to takeover and that only adds to Mr. Pollin’s legacy.

    Pretty clear in ’97 they stacked the deck for Wizards. Washington Sea Dogs?

    And no offense to the Wizards game operations people but they did a really shitty job remembering Mr. Pollin at least nights game. Read a tribute, showed a couple picture slideshow and had a moment of silence. That was it. I know they only had three hours or so notice but it was a pretty lame effort.

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