DMV: Adam Jones Accused of Thieving His First Gold Glove Award

adam-jones-gq.jpgO’s CF Adam Jones wins his first Gold Glove award. [MLB]

Adam Jones does not deserve his Gold Glove award. [SBN]

Zimmerman may pick up his Gold Glove too. [Nats Journal]

That’s a real beaut: ’81 Fleer Star Stickers Mark Belanger. [O’s Card o’ the Day]

DeAngelo kind of agrees with LaVar that his teammates let him down. [Bog]

NFL fines both DeAngelo and Mike Smith. [SB Nation]

Vetting Russ Grimm as a head coach. Again. [Hogs Haven]

The new Redskins punter is Romanian like a motherfucker. [Redskins Blog]

Clinton Portis is coming to the end of the road. [Redskins Insider]

Aaron Schatz: “Campbell is, at worst, a league-average QB.” [DCLS]

Skins-Falcons diary with a different Todd Collins altogether. [Snarktastic]

Wiz lose again, Foye gets hurt and Gil turns it over 12 times. [WaPo]

The NBA leaves Brendan Haywood off the All-Star ballot. [Wiz Insider]

Etan Thomas kinda calls out the Wizards medical staff. [Truth About It]

Google providing free WiFi at BWI for the Holidays. Bless them. [DCist]

Cool: Terra Cotta Warriors at the NatGeo Museum. [We Love DC]

One thought on “DMV: Adam Jones Accused of Thieving His First Gold Glove Award”

  1. Russ Grimm for assistant head coach / offensive line coach.
    Snyder should offer him $30 million. I’m pretty sure it’s the only way he’ll want to come work for the Dan.

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