Redskins-Falcons Winners & Losers



Albert Haynesworth — Showed off his game face, encroached on the first play and then again on 4th-and-1 all in the opening drive, which resulted in a touchdown. Also committed a personal foul during the sideline melee, but he had to do something. Someone did.

The offensive line — Short circuited the offense before it could even begin. Also allowed five sacks in the first half, which tied a Falcons record.

The receivers — Fred Davis dropped a pass that turned into a pick-six, Santana Moss dropped three passes and Devin Thomas dropped another.

The defense — Atlanta got what it wanted to get to 24-3, offense came back to get to 24-17 and then the defense allowed an insta-TD. Game over.

LaRon Landry — More of the same: missed tackles, poor angles, late hits.

DeAngelo Hall — Talks like a bitch, tackles like a bitch.

Clinton Portis — Knocked out with a concussion.

Reed Doughty — Lined up offsides on a punt, resulting in a first down.

Justin Tryon — Got 15 yards for running out of bounds on punt coverage.



Todd Yoder — Recorded the rare TD reception-blonde mohawk-“his wife used to be a professional football player” hat trick.

Jason Campbell — Was knocked out twice, but played well. Take out the drops and he was 20-22, 200+ yards, one TD and zero INT. Also ran for three first downs. Can’t ask for more than that, all things considered.

Ladell Betts — Scored a TD, averaged 4.7 yards. It was like ’06 out there!

Rocky McIntosh — Made a nice pick, the first by anyone other than Hall.

Marko Mitchell — Preseason star gets some PT, catches two balls.

Brian Orakpo — Recorded two sacks; has 5.5 on the season.

Knob Creek — It helps.

Kenny, Moose and Goose — Credit where credit’s due: They called a good game. Moose caught Doughty’s offsides before the snap. Goose called Haynesworth out for not getting into the three-point stance. They nailed Landry for awful tackling, and acknowledged that Campbell is less to blame than the offensive line and receivers. Elementary stuff, sure, but an improvement over the Monday Night crew from two weeks ago.


Mike Sellers — Caught a 47-yarder, gave up a sack on the next play. Made another first down, picked up a false start.

Shaun Suisham — Nailed a 48-yarder (still perfect). Kickoffs are ugly.

Rock Cartwright — Got some carries, didn’t do anything with them. Still, he’s just about the only player left to root for.

11 thoughts on “Redskins-Falcons Winners & Losers”

  1. Glad to see you added Betts to the winners. Today proved many things but among them was we do not need Portis on the team anymore.

    Can we start rooting for draft picks now?

  2. Honest opinion. Should I be scared or excited that Campbell is going to be a Bill next year? I know it’s coming. They’re not going to have a good enough pick to spend a 1st on a QB so it will be Campbell/Edwards fighting for it in camp.

  3. I was definitely proud of Campbell and the offense today. The offensive line is still horrible (obviously with giving up five sacks in the first half), but they battled back in the second half and at least made a game of it. For as many times as Campbell was knocked down, he got back up everytime. He looked like Rocky out there taking hit after hit; I can’t imagine how sore he’ll be Monday morning.

    It’s sad that all it takes is a little effort for me to be proud of my team and they still lost by 14 points. What a disappointing season.

  4. Betts has more of a burst that Portis. I think its time to let CP go.

    Marko needs to play. He comes in an gets 2 catches in his first game.

    Play more Jarmon at DE. See what he has over a sustained period in case its time to cut Carter and clean out his contract.

    Rinehart was inactive. Might as well cut him if he can’t even be active with this pile of shit line.

  5. If the OL can’t block, wouldn’t this suggest a shotgun formation, moving the pocket, or some other response? Did they try any of that yesterday?

  6. Don’t worry, help is on the way. The Skins are talking about signing Larry Johnson. Awesome!! Just what we need, a 30 year old baby making $5 mil a year. WTF!

  7. I fear we are in for some rough times. I’ve never had much confidence in our defense, despite our lofty rankings, and I think we are about to be exposed the rest of the way playing actually competent offenses.

    Play Marko. He wasn’t drafted as high as Thomas or Kelly but has anyone seen anything to prove he’s worse then them? No. Play him.

    Remember in the preseason when there was talk of Betts and Portis more evenly splitting carries? What happened to that? Let Betts take over, see if he can manage anything behind this line.

    Say what you want about Campbell but the guy is tough and wants to be out there. Seems like there’s little chance he’ll be around next year but I think that says more about Snyder/Cerrato then it does Campbell.

  8. I’m pretty sick and tired of LaRon Landry. So much potential, but I’ve never seen a player take worse angles when pursuing a ball-carrier, let alone the last line of defense.

    Someone get his ass in a Geometry class. He can take it right after Anger Management 101.

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