Wanted: Yahoo! Sports Winter Olympics Bloggers for U.S. and Canada

I’m not around much to blog much this week but wanted to chime in with this ad for my day job over at Yahoo!. Here to do just that is Yahoo! Sports blog editor and figure skating enthusiast Mark Pesavento.


Yahoo! Sports is looking for temporary-yet-full-time bloggers for its Olympics blog, Fourth-Place Medal. These bloggers will write about anything interesting having to do with the Vancouver Games, both during the lead-up in January and the Games themselves in February.

The ideal candidates will …

  • be able to flat-out write.
  • have a flexible schedule in February.
  • enjoy and know about the Winter Games.
  • have a knack for media (and particularly TV) criticism.
  • be able to identify interesting angles for a mass audience.
  • have blog experience as they will be self-edited/published.
  • produce ~50 excellent posts per week (see the YSB for examples).

Additionally, we’re seeking an individual based in Canada to blog on Fourth-Place Medal for Yahoo!’s Canadian audience. Location is important here: We need someone who can watch the Games on Canadian television and react accordingly.

Fourth-Place Medal did 85 million page views during the Beijing Games, and we’re looking to improve on that. If you fit the bill and are up for the challenge, or know someone who is, email YSB editor Mark Pesavento.

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