The Real Reason for Epic Redskins Fail

Vinny Cerrato said this when asked about his team’s failing offensive line:

We tried to address the line. We added [Derrick] Dockery. We added Mike Williams. We attempted to, and when we were in the draft, there was nobody at No. 13 worthy of it.

So they added Dockery and Williams, which is hardly better than the departed LG-RT combo of Pete Kendall and Jon Jansen. It also says nothing of Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas being old and injury prone, or that Williams was out of the NFL. Or that the line sucked to begin with.

But that last part (“when we were in the draft, there was nobody at No. 13 worthy of it”) really chaps my ass. The Redskins had five picks remaining after 13, and none were used on offensive (or defensive) linemen.

Which is right in line with Cerrato and Dan Snyder’s M.O. this decade:


Read it and weep, Skins fans. Washington has drafted more quarterbacks (seven) than defensive linemen (six) during the ’00s. They’ve spent twice as much value* on defensive backs (57) as offensive linemen (29). And they’ve drafted 13 wide receivers and tight ends, only one of whom — Chris Cooley — is any good.

Beyond anything else (free agent signings, coaching changes, mistreated fans and media, etc.), this is what needs to change. They have to draft smarter, lest they remain stuck in their current predicament, going down in flames thanks in large part to an O-line reminiscent of five turnstiles.

So, yeah: Fire Vinny.

* A first-round pick is worth seven, a second-rounder is worth six, etc.

11 thoughts on “The Real Reason for Epic Redskins Fail”

  1. Michael Oher wasn’t worth it? I know he got drafted 10 picks later, and there were questions about him, so apparently there were a lot of teams who didn’t think he was worth it. But seeing as how he’s already starting at left tackle for the Ravens and seems to be doing a pretty damn good job of it, I’d say he might have been worth it.

  2. Vinny is like a lying teenager who changes his story every time someone questions/realizes his idiocy. I’m not saying “throw” the season. But if vinny lets cooly “rush” i swear to god.

    Prediction(wish): Snyder (after 11 years) will finally feel so retarded after this season in order to appear smart he will fire vinny and zorn and not resign JC. Spend w/e and gamble on McCoy or Bradford. Finally, and not my fav. but better than this shitstain situation, hire Gruden with Bruce Allen.

  3. The fact that the ST category is anything above zero should be grounds for Cerrato’s dismissal in and of itself. Unless the ST category refers to Sean Taylor, in which case…that was Gibbs.

  4. 1. Oher has been one of the bright spots, not only of the Ravens squad, but of the league thus far. Wouldn’t be a stretch to say he’s in the top five for Rookie of the Year.

    2. Dang, Snyder is stupid.

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