DMV: Skins’ Play-Calling Telephone Game


A detailed look at the Skins play-calling process: 1) Sherm Lewis calls plays from the booth. 2) Sherm Smith relays plays from the sideline. 3) Jason Campbell receives plays on the field. 4) Jim Zorn resists the “temptation of overriding when necessary.” He actually said that, this is actually happening and it actually debuts against Philly on Monday Night Football. [WaPo]

Update: Forget to link this, but Danny Rouhier’s take on this is funny.

Joe Gibbs laughs at rumors that he’s coming back to Washington. [AP]

A list of Skins QBs Chris Samuels has protected, etc. [This Is Adventure]

The Caps have scuffled a bit but are still 6-2-2 through 10. [Ted’s Take]

Wiz blogs predicting 47-55 wins for the Wiz. [Bullets Forever, Truth About It]

A fine summary of where Gilbert has been, and where he’s at. [WaPo]

Terps picked to finish 5th; Greivis near-unanimous all-ACC. [Testudo Times]

MD frosh forwards James Padgett and Jordan Williams look good. [WaPo]

Cleveland outbids Houston to hire Manny Acta. [Fire Jim Bowden]

Bill Simmons launches his new book tour in D.C. tonight. [TWT]

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