DMV: In Fantasyland Where NFL Trades Happen, Portis Could Be One of Them

Portis one of the likeliest players to be dealt at today’s deadline. [Jason Cole]

Chris Samuels status is up in the air because the doctor is “out.” [Redskins Insider]

Sherm Lewis has three middling seasons of play-calling experience. [WaPo]

Another report about Mike Shanahan turning down the Skins’ advances. [FanHouse]

Our “Another Set of Eyes” t-shirt has a new model. [Stet Sports]

The unfortunate “Trade Snyder” t-shirts get some good pub. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Chris Chase debuts podcast, rants for 10 minutes about the Skins. [PHB]

Some Redskins-themed Tom Cruise movie poster photoshops. [Hogs Haven]

A photo gallery of your 2009 Redskins cheerleaders. [Maxim]

Duke favored against Maryland, the ACC’s worst team. [Terps Insider]

Since 2003, Maryland football has been pretty, pretty bad. [Testudo Times]

David Cross performs at Warner Theater tomorrow night. [DCist]

Don’t miss Deer Tick and the Dirty Projectors this week. [DCist]

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