A Couple Shiny Happy Redskins T-Shirts


With the proliferation of anti-Redskins fashion (see: our T-shop, see also: Trade Snyder and F#ck Snyder), it’s high time to share some pro-Redskins cotton. First, from twoeightnine design, Hay Hay Hay, It’s Fat Albert.

The problem is I’m not sure who’s going to wear, let alone buy, an Albert Haynesworth t-shirt. On the other hand, I can get down with Mothering Hut’s ORAKPWND!, especially with this product description:

Brian Orakpo: Sackpro, pocket hatchet, backfield bereaver. If you’re an NFL QB lining up across from no. 98, your game is about to be changed. A flash of burgundy and gold, then the black, then the turf, then the pain. You haven’t just been owned, you’ve been pwned: Orakpwned!

Good stuff, folks, and a brief respite from our joyless existence.

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