A Response to Thom Loverro’s Column Calling to Bench Jason Campbell

thom-loverro.jpgHad some thoughts on this column, excerpts of which have been blockquoted:

Jim Zorn repeated the same things at his news conference Monday that he has said week after week in this wreck of a season.

What is needed is not tinkering but a wrecking ball.

Major change needs to be on the table if the Redskins are to have any chance of salvaging a season headed – at best – toward a 5-11 finish.

I love one-sentence paragraphs.


What needs to be on the table is a change at quarterback.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. If the Redskins are headed for a lost season, I’d prefer they not bench the one guy with any hope for being their QB of the future.

Why not Todd Collins?

Because he is very old and, aside from a four-game stint in a system he’d been in forever, not good at playing quarterback.

It’s not as if the Redskins are failing despite strong efforts from Campbell: He threw for fewer than 200 yards in his past two starts and in five of his past eight in the regular season.

I was not aware that passing yardage is the one true measure of success. (Also, Campbell is averaging 220 yards per game.)

What could this team possibly have to lose at this point with a change at quarterback?

Well, a franchise quarterback, for one.

Would they score fewer points?

Maybe, but if this is “at best … a 5-11 season,” that doesn’t really matter.

The Redskins scored 17 or fewer points in nine of their past 10 games and are on pace to put up 234 for the season, which would be their second fewest in a 16-game season. And save for the opener against the Giants, they have yet to face a good defense.

Agreed, this offense stinks. The offensive line is a nightmare. The receivers are subpar. The only good tight end is either double-covered or blocking. The star running back has high mileage. But, yeah, back to this QB thing …

There always has been an underlying belief that the offense moves better with Collins than it does under Campbell’s direction.

It’s related to the belief that the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town.

Hall of Fame quarterback and Redskins radio announcer Sonny Jurgensen said before the loss to Carolina on Sunday that the Redskins would be 4-0 if Collins had been starting.

That’s a stretch – beating the Giants in the opener was problematic no matter who was at quarterback.

Thank God that was qualified as “a stretch.” Needed that. Brought me back from the edge a little bit.

What do the Redskins have to lose now – given the state of the offensive line – other than Collins’ body?

Loverro repeats himself here, so I’ll do the same: a franchise quarterback – or at least the most likely franchise quarterback on a roster devoid of them – who is relatively young and, based on every key metric, improving.

Collins might not be eager to get behind that patchwork line against Kansas City on Sunday.

The quarterback, whoever he is, likely will take a beating. He will have little time to drop back and make split-second decisions. If you believe your eyes, Collins handles that situation better than Campbell.

He certainly has. In Al Saunders’ offense. Two years ago. For four games.

We should be long past the notion that Jason Campbell is the quarterback of the future.

I’m not past the notion that putting Joe Montana in this offense would make him look like Billy Joe Tolliver.

It’s obvious that the one thing Dan Snyder got right this winter was his pursuit of Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez.

Cutler is a better quarterback than Campbell, but what would it have taken to get him? The pick that was used on Orakpo and then some? Same goes for Sanchez, but that’s even more suspect because it’s no sure thing that he’s any better than Campbell. He started one season in college and his pro numbers are worse than Campbell’s ever were. (For example, he’s averaging a near league-low 183 yards per game.)

If Zorn really is asking questions, he should be long past the tinkering phase and into the try-anything phase.

That includes a change at quarterback.

Again, Loverro is repeating himself, so I’m done here. Go ahead and put Collins in, but I’d prefer to at least wait until JC gets hurt. Should be any day now with that shit storm of an offensive line. Then you can have Collins and trade the farm to draft Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen or Jake Locker or whoever the fuck and pray he turns out as good as the dozen or so QBs on Earth that are better than the one we’ve already got.

Update: And just like that, Campbell is benched after a scoreless first half against Kansas City. His play was middling, and Collins may be an improvement, but I don’t see the point, unless you’ve given up on Campbell.

Update No. 2: Nope, Collins wasn’t an improvement. His numbers were even worse and the Redskins hand KC its first win of the year, 14-6. FML.

12 thoughts on “A Response to Thom Loverro’s Column Calling to Bench Jason Campbell”

  1. I think I can sum up the problem:

    The Skins have drafted 7 OL in the last 10 years.

    I would be curious to see how Campbell compares to a guy like Terry Bradshaw who took like 6 years to develop but the won 4 SB.

  2. –The offensive line is terrible– bench the QB!
    –The play caller is a fucking retard– bench the QB!
    –Our defense (while still good) is not playing up to their potential– bench the QB!
    –We somehow managed to misplace our running game– bench the QB!
    –Daniel Snyder is still our owner, and VC is still making the worst personnel moves– bench the QB!

    I don’t even partially understand the “Bench JC” camp. The fact that his numbers are at, the very least, respectable should be proof to anyone that he is the king of this shit hill, the least of our problems, maybe even (gasp) not a problem at all.

    I keep searching for a reasoning behind this madness that is spreading that doesn’t involve him being black. I know, it’s a weak line of thought, but racist fans/press makes so much more sense to me than does anything else. Help me someone. Convince me Jason Campbell needs to go. Convince me this isn’t that sort of thing. I’m not looking for this to be a race issue, but that’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  3. Cutler and Sanchez are actually 2 of the few QBs this year who have been worse than JC this year, and both in much easier situations. There is no evidence that Sanchez is better than JC, and I am not convinced Cutler is any better.

    Check Football Outsiders QB metrics:

    The pursuits of Cutler and Sanchez also threw this turbulent team into further disarray, which is absurd to overlook.

  4. It’s funny, but I keep having to defend Campbell to non-Redskins fans … and uninformed Redskins fans. It’s that the Skins “can’t win with this quarterback” from the rafters. I’ve watched every play of every game (usually twice with DirecTV’s Short Cuts) and rarely has Campbell looked bad. Yes, he’s a bit cautious but when is that a bad thing?

    As you said, the offensive line is a mess. It was an old mess during the offseason and we did absolutely nothing to correct that. Thomas and Samuels are constantly hurt yet we didn’t get anyone via free agency or in the draft. Instead, we blew a ton of money on an already stout defense.

    BTW, going back to those uninformed people. I have people telling me “you just paid $100M for a guy who has done nothing.” Again, uninformed. Yes, he really doesn’t have great numbers but his presensce has allowed guys like Carter and Orakpo to actually touch the QB. Any Skins fan knows that this is quite an amazing feat since we haven’t been able to sack anyone nor create turnovers despite having one of the top defenses.

  5. Man. After watching the first half against a very bad Chiefs defense … it’s become harder to defend Campbell. He’s all over the place with his passes, making bad decisions (how do you NOT know to throw the ball away with 20 secs and no TOs?) and uninspiring play. Hopefully we can come back and win this one because I feel this is the last chance we’ll get this season. 3-13?

  6. Yup, Collins, that’s the ticket.
    Too bad Campbell couldn’t block for himself, convince ARE that lateral running on punt returns doesn’t count for shit, heal Portis, or get some decent uni’s for the cheerleaders (wtf were those things?)– he just had to be benched right?
    The Collins experiment is a big can of “fuck that shit.” And I’ll happily shit in the mouth of anyone suggesting midget Colt is the answer.
    Time to take your medicine fellas, let Zorn ride out the season and can his ass. This was the bushest of bush moves. Benching Campbell is going to cause even more problems we don’t need. Let the locker room sniping commence. Quarterback controversies aren’t even welcome in training camp.

  7. after watching collins play WORSE than campbell in the second half, i feel totally vindicated. ITS NOT THE QUARTERBACK.

  8. For right or for wrong, you cant be surprised to see Campbell benched by a team who doesnt want him as their QB.

    The Skins are actually doing him a favor. Next year he wont have to be apart of that circus Snyder and Cerrato are running.

  9. JC is the quarterback. I’ll stick to my guns here, he’s better than more than half of the starting qb’s in the league and there’s no qb in college who I’d take to be a franchise qb. He’s absolutely getting better each year and will improve in this offense as the year goes on. All the NFL pundits who think benching JC is the best thing for this team needs to recognize that it’s NOT JC’s fault for the inept offense. He is part of it but not all his fault and should not be benched because he brings more to the table than Collins. He has a stronger arm, and especially with this offensive line mobility is a better asset than accuracy. But in my opinion, accuracy is overrated because as long as he throws the ball close the receivers, the receivers should be able to catch the ball.

    There’s no qb I’d want out there rather than Campbell. If people think he has reached his ceiling, they’re blind.

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