Reggie Jackson on Blogging: ‘That’s The Stupidest F#cking Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

If you’ve been with Mr. Irrelevant for some time now, you may have heard this. If you haven’t, it’s time to catch up. Either way, it’s a career highlight.

Back when Chris and I hosted Sports Bloggers Live, we had Reggie Jackson on the program. And as we often did, we asked him to do a “This is Reggie Jackson, and you’re listening to Sports Bloggers Live” liner. Easy, right?

Well, Reggie had never heard of blogging and flew off the handle a bit, engaging us in a “What the f#ck is a blogger?” exchange for the ages. And thanks to last week’s Joe Sports Fan podcast, you can now relive the magic (at the 11:55 mark), interspersed with my own commentary, which mostly consists of me revealing that I pissed myself.

I thank the JSF guys for indulging me and for giving me the chance to share this 1988 Score Reggie Jackson, because I’m not entirely sure I believe that he actually played for the Orioles.



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