Poll: Who Is the Dreamiest Dream Coach Of Dan Snyder’s Dreams?

snyder-happy.jpgWhen, not if, Jim Zorn is fired, the popular opinion is that Dan Snyder will try to replace him with the biggest name that will sign on the line that is dotted.

This week alone there have been reports concerning Danny’s dalliances with Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden, and fellow unemployed Super Bowl ring-wearers Bill Cowher and Mike Holmgren have been mentioned in rumors past. Plus, after making every other kind of hire — the solid pro (Marty Schottenheimer), the college guy (Steve Spurrier), the franchise treasure (Joe Gibbs) and the unknown (Zorn) — it figures that Snyder will back up the money truck and hope to spin the wheel with one of these four.

Whether that’s the right approach or not, and whether they’ll take the personnel reins from Vinny Cerrato or not, I’d like to know who among them is the coach of the people. If you were Snyder, money was no object and each was amenable to your advances, who would you hire?

Before getting to the poll though, a quick glance at the resumes:

Cowher — 52 years old, 149-90-1 in 15 seasons with Pittsburgh, 10 playoff appearances, one AFC Championship and one Super Bowl

Gruden — 46 years old, 95-81 in 11 seasons with Oakland and Tampa Bay, five playoff appearances and one Super Bowl

Holmgren — 61 years old, 161-111 in 17 seasons with Green Bay and Seattle, 12 playoff appearances, two NFC Championships and one Super Bowl

Shanahan — 57 years old, 146-98 in 16 seasons with Oakland and Denver, seven playoff appearances and two Super Bowls

Also, the records of each through 21 games (Zorn is 10-11 through 21):

  • Cowher 14-7
  • Holmgren 11-10
  • Gruden 10-11
  • Shanahan 9-12 (fired by Oakland after his 20th game)

16 thoughts on “Poll: Who Is the Dreamiest Dream Coach Of Dan Snyder’s Dreams?”

  1. Doesn’t matter until there is a GM in place which isn’t happening.

    The better question is which QB will Danny and Vinny trade up to draft next year? My money is now on Jimmy Clausen. Yep, Vinny’s a ND guy and Clausen has all the hype that Danny loves.

    Welcome to the same shit but this time with a complete douchebag at QB. FML.

  2. I think if any of these guys were to take the job, it would be under the condition that they themselves were in charge of personnel or someone that they approved of (read: not Cerrato) was in charge.

    But yeah, I’d love to see Snyder do what Peter Angelos did a couple years ago: Hire a proven GM and get out of the way. I think we all would.

  3. My hope is Shanny or Holmgren. My preference would be Holmgren because his player development skills seem to be better then Shanahan’s. But either one of them would be fine with me because they both would demand at the very least a demotion of Vinny. Vinny should go back to ESPN or do more on the radio – thats what he seems to enjoy. I am not a Gruden fan and i think his coaching skills are fine but his development and especially his fetish for quarterbacks are a major drawback. Bill Cowher is not coming to Washington, I think hes made that clear.
    Either way, as most people here and anyone with a brain has stated – Daniel Snyder has one card left to play to save his fan base and team – give us Vinny’s head on a plate. Joe Gibbs ain’t coming back again (although i would take him again in heatbeat). Not holding my breath.

  4. Bro… Nun of deez are going to be hired because Zorn is NOT going to get Fired… Zorn is here to stay for another year… Mark my words. He signed that 3 year contract so that he can build his team and Vinny and Danny will give him 3 years to give him a chance to see what he has. Plus… Danny boy is not going to make the same mistake by cutting bait. He’s going to do something that the media would never thought that he’d do. Stick with his decision and stay with Zorn to see if he’s right with his hunch!

  5. The dreamiest has to be Cowher but Jamie’s right, all of these guys would want total control and except for Cowher I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Gruden wants 8 QB’s on his roster, in Seattle Holmgren the GM failed Holmgren the coach and Shanahan didn’t do so well bringing in defensive personnel when he was in charge. Anyway it seems highly unlikely Cowher comes to town. I think we’ll be welcoming Holmgren.

    P.S. I believe I heard on TK’s radio show there was some mention of Bruce Allen, with his own Skins ties, joining Gruden if he came here.

  6. I made my deduction based of a mathematical analysis of the above statistical Data, and I have determine that our chances would be best with Mike Holmgren, I did this by adding up the W/L,Playoffs per-season, Championships per season where a loss of SB counts as .5 and a win is a 1. I then totaled the three stats.

    Holmgren,W% .592,P% .706,C% .118=1.416
    Cower,W% .645,P%.666,C% .100=1.411
    Shanahan,W% 598,P% .438,C% .125=1.161
    Gruden,W% .540,P% .455,C% .091=1.086

    Based off of this statistical break down Holmgren has the best playoff %, Cower the best wining % and Shanny the best SB% . The only other thing I would offer is that Holmgren had majore success on 2 separate teams

  7. What Snyder should be doing right now is have someone backing the money truck up in Tony Dungy’s driveway. That would solve his credibility problem pretty quickly. Plus, if Dungy turns him down, you’ve solved that whole Rooney Rule issue.

    Remember, Snyder likes to think outside the box. Has Don Shula been checking his caller ID?

  8. On and on the Dan and Vinny’s terrible train goes as another season is slips down the drain.

    I remember a Saturday back in January 06 the Skins were facing Tampa Bay in the first round of the playoffs. Gibbs was back, the team was turning around. We won five straight to just make the playoffs. That day I got drunk with a buddy and watched as Lavar Arrington, Sean Taylor (spitting not withstanding), and the Skins D saved the day.

    From there my friend and I went downtown to catch the Pietasters at 9:30. Skins Jerseys were everywhere. Our hometown band was giving shout outs to the victorious hometown team. Hope was here again! Snyder did something right for once! Joe was setting the right course!

    Sometime later I got my hands on a shitty bootleg of that show. I kept it thinking it would be just a memory of a great show. Little did I know once Joe left Danny boy would immediately tear down what was built for a stunningly quick return to submediocraty.

    At least I still have the bootleg, if not hope.

    Snyder ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The key here is that none of these coaches, except maybe Gruden, nor any other self-respecting coach would ever come to Washington to work for Snyder.

    I think Gruden is most likely, but if I’m allowed to dream, Snyder hands the keys to all football aspects of the organization to Bill Parcells and lets Vinny go manage Six Flags.

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