Cris Carter Is Really Smart So We Should Take His Campbell-Bashing Seriously

ESPN’s Cris Carter, who is an EXPERT ANALYST on all things National Football League, had this to say about Campbell’s performance on Sunday:

Three take-aways from this analysis:

1) “Syncness”: The Redskins need more of it. It would help if this was a real fucking thing. But we can’t sweat the details. We just need to figure out what it is, and have Snyder buy it in bulk.

2) Jason Campbell “should’ve been progressed further longer in the quarterback growth process.” We cannot argue with that. On the Cris Carter QB Growth Process Chart, JC is still stuck down in the lower left-hand corner, better known as the “slower shorter” quadrant. Inexcusable.

3) Carter, when asked at the end for “one word” to sum up the Redskins, hit the nail on the head: “Theyweren’tgood.” That’s never the word you want to hear associated with your team, especially after they win.

(Video via Real Redskins)

11 thoughts on “Cris Carter Is Really Smart So We Should Take His Campbell-Bashing Seriously”

  1. Bet the farm that Carter did not even watch the game. Nor the last game. Nor the Rams game. He may have caught 5 minutes of the first game against the Giants because it was a 4pm game. Plus, in Carter’s world, its never the three second-year-receivers-who-cant-get-open-and-run-terrible-routes fault.

  2. Agreed with No. 4; there’s no way Carter watched the game he’s commenting on.

    Also, my favorite part of Chris’ takedown is where he spells out “National Football League” … just like the pros!

  3. All of which might be true, but none of which means Carter was actually wrong. In four games–three of which came against bad teams–Campbell has led the Redskins to a total of 13 first-half points.

    After 40 games as a starter, damn right he should’ve been progressed further longer in the quarterback growth process.

  4. Hey, you guys are the fans. If you’re happy with falling behind bad teams by double digits and then allowing your quarterback to rack up great stats in two-minute drives that happen too late to allow the team to actually win, have at it.

    The only point about first-half points is that those clutch late TD drives to draw within one score maybe are a bit misleading. But like I said, it’s your team.

  5. Never said I was happy with the offense. I’m just smart enough to recognize it isn’t all (or mostly) Jason Campbell’s fault. I’m not even sure he’s part of the problem at all.

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