2009: A JMU Football Photo Essay

I took in a game at Bridgeforth Stadium Saturday in Harrisonburg for the first time since graduating from James Madison 10 years ago, and it’s crazy how much has changed. For instance, Bud Light comes in JMU colors:


Also, people actually wear Dukes jerseys now:


Though they either say “Madison” or “James Madison” on the back (first to make Haley, Clark and Norwood throwbacks makes a killing):


And there’s tailgating too, which is a beautiful thing:


There’s even a statue, great for posing in front of with a crying baby and the unworn hat you gave your grandma in 1995:


You’ve made it as a program when skydiving is part of the pregame:


Eat your heart out, Georgia:


That’s Dominique White, who stands 5’8″ and weighs 290:


Not sure what’s up with the donkey, but Suisham could use one:


These two just got engaged, right there in front of the Duke Dog:


Party on, sweet Harrisonburg. See you again in 2019, when you’ll no doubt be dominating the ACC:


Update: Forgot to include this initially, but not only is there now a Dave’s Taverna Express, but it delivers beer. I went to school in the wrong decade.


6 thoughts on “2009: A JMU Football Photo Essay”

  1. I have been reading this blog for a while and somehow missed that you guys went to JMU. Bonus.

    It is certainly a different scene up there these day. It is going to get even better with the stadium expansion.

  2. Wow, this photo ‘essay’ isn’t exactly the experience I had from ’94-’98. Wow, tailgaiting now. Impressive.

    Dave’s delivers now? I remember my friends and I always trying to decide who would go pick it up. Ah, memories …

  3. I wouldn’t trade in my 5 years for anything in the world, but the new football scene is pretty sweet.

    J-M-U Duuuuuuuuuuuuukes!

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