Stealing Ripken’s Statue Takes Iron Balls

cal-statue.jpgSome of Chris’s buddies keep a Nats Park trash can in their house, and it’s an impressive stadium theft/souvenir. But that has nothing on this:

The large statue of Cal Ripken Jr.’s No. 8 was stolen overnight from in front of the Camden Yards baseball stadium, and Baltimore police said they have arrested four males who were spotted driving with the statue in the open bed of a pickup truck on a downtown street.

The boys, aged 18-20, were charged with theft and destruction of property. Looking at the statue, it’s unclear how the former could be done without the latter, so I’ll say “guilty” on both counts. And that’s just about the only reason we shouldn’t salute these Baltimorons.

Update: It appears someone’s having fun with this story on Craigslist.

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