Snyder Is One of the NFL’s Best Owners

snyder-yell.jpgIt’s not me saying it, and it’s not someone on Danny’s payroll saying it. It’s Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver in his annual NFL owner rankings:

8. Dan Snyder: Despite his dubious image as a meddlesome hothead, Snyder is a great owner in many ways: He’s an exceptional businessman who has creatively and aggressively maximized revenues. According to the recently released Forbes rankings, the Redskins generate the most revenue at $345 million – $43 million more than the runner-up.


When he’s not figuring out new ways to rake in dough, Snyder spends the bulk of his remaining energy trying to figure out how to build a winner. For those important reasons I am always predisposed to defend him, and I remain convinced that he’ll hoist a Lombardi Trophy before too long.”

God I hope so.

Click through for more of Silver’s thoughts on Snyder, thoughts I’d normally refute, but not now, not in the midst of WaPo’s investigation into Redskins ticket sales. I feel bad for the little guy. Let him have this at least.

8 thoughts on “Snyder Is One of the NFL’s Best Owners”

  1. You feel bad for the little guy?? WTF?? He not only rapes us on parking, tickets and concessions, he’s suing his own fans. Jesus, are you really in the tank for this prick? I was wondering why you were ignoring the Post’s incredible stories. I may have to abandon the Skins and you, at this rate.


  2. Overblown in what way? Not arguing, just curious.

    I’m not necessarily outraged by the stories, but there was a lot of stuff in there I didn’t know, and that seems to me to be the point of media.

  3. It’s not big news, or least not big enough to necessitate back-to-back five-page stories plus graphics, etc. But it’s salacious subject matter, and it involves the Redskins, so I guess it’s worth doing.

    And I’m not saying the Post is in the wrong, it’s just that the ongoing investigation was/is overdone with regard to my personal interest, and it doesn’t really make me think any less of the Redskins. That’s all.

  4. Overblown in what way?

    If I may chime in… I think it is unfair for the Redskins to be penalized in the court of public opinion for enforcing their contracts. Obviously, my heart goes out to the people who are unable to honor their commitments; but these are people that got themselves into the mess they are in.

    Would anyone blame Snyder & Co. if they went to court to force FEDEX to pay for its naming rights? The world cannot cease to rotate just because people lose their income. I feel terrible for people that are in bad spots but that is the way the ball bounces sometimes…

    Also, I actually do think DS is one of the best owners in sports. Yea he can be annoying. And yes a Jewish ex-girlfriend of mine once told me he looks “like a mean jew”. But he gives the Skins 100%. I’d have a beer with Snyder any day of the week.

  5. An interesting aspect of the Forbes’ article is the breakdown player cost in 2008. Start bouncing around and you find that the Skins spent less than several squads, including the Texans. We spent about the same amount of money as the Pats.

    “Trying to buy a championship” is one of the knocks on Snyder that I’ve always deplored. For one, the NFL has a salary cap. For two, I would say that Snyder and Co have tried to hire, with great frequency, FAs that can help this team WIN. That’s the goal: Winning. Is he guilty of being enamored with big names? Sure. Has it occasionally come at the expense of our draft picks? Sure, and the fact that we haven’t hit big with any FAs has compounded that hurt and probably wasted several years of play.

    What do you think: Would Snyder, as Kent did, have built FedEx in that godawful location just to get it done? I think he would’ve built a freaking gem, because he gets that press and major splashes (and hopefully winning one day) keep the meter of his cash counter spinning faster and faster

  6. I usually defend Danny because he seems committed to putting a good team on the field (with admittedly mixed results). But wow, suing your own fans? WTF. Especially when they could have just resold the tickets. Douchebag move.

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