DMV: The Most Important Poll of Our Time

redskinette.jpgWhich is your fave Redskins cheerleaders uniform? View and vote now, but they’re still Redskinettes to me. [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Another big Skins tickets story from the Post, this one about the team suing season-ticket holders unable to honor their contracts. [WaPo]

Skins are the second-most valuable NFL franchise at $1.6 billion. [Forbes]

Pro Football Talk has the Skins at No. 22 in their rankings. Peter King has them going 6-10. [PFT, PK]

Sean Taylor was an inspiration for Colt Brennan’s visor. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Five things to watch in tonight’s Skins-Jags game. [Skins 360]

Luke Scott is one behind Raffy for most Eutaw St. homers. [Roar From 34]

I have no idea how, but Felix Pie is knocking the cover off the ball. [MASN]

The O’s and Nats continue to get they ass beat. [The Sun, WaPo]

Brilliant blogging: Strassy’s interviews honed into one message. [Bog]

Elijah Dukes has regressed this season, but all hope’s not lost. [FJB]

A lefty reliever is the PTBNL in the Ronnie Belliard deal. [Nats Journal]

There’s a new Alexandria-to-Nats Park water taxi. [WTOP]

Pro prospect/LT Bruce Campbell benches 490, is key to MD success. [TWT]

Mike Green is starring in an upcoming episode of “Cribs.” [Caps Insider]

United loses the Open Cup at RFK, and their goalie acts strange. [WaPo]

It’s Wise vs. Kornheiser on the D.C. radio airwaves. [Capital Comment]

New blogs for local schools. [Hokies Journal, Cavs Journal, Mids Insider]

Today: Marlins-Nats (7:05), Rangers-O’s (7:05), Skins at Jags (7:30)

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