DMV: Portis Gives It Right Back to Riggo


Clinton Portis and I share a birthday, and we celebrated by, as 26 explains, “just being fly.” He also explained other things, mostly revolving around being hated on by legend-turned-broadcaster John Riggins. Money quote:

“He was a great running back, but think of who else was around, you know? Really not hard to be a great running back when you’ve got all that talent and help around you.”

Riggins is too proud and Portis too close to his franchise rushing record for this to die anytime soon. Plus, as we saw with Portis’ last rodeo, these things get hotter before growing cold, so stay tuned. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Of course, third-parties will find a way to be upset. Case in point, Thom Loverro, who thinks Portis disrespected his current O-line. [Lovey Land]

Dirty dealings at Redskins Park: Desirable tickets were sold to brokers willing to pay for overpriced premium seats. This helps explain why so many non-Skins fans have populated FedEx (see: last season’s Steelers game), though I’d attribute that more to the Skins being a losing franchise. [WaPo]

J. Reid’s 53-man roster cuts Chase Daniel, Marcus Mason. [Skins Insider]

Tomorrow night’s Skins-Jags game is all about Colt vs. Chase. [TWT]

Since Nyjer Morgan’s been gone the Nats offense disappeared. [OMG]

Brandon Phillips seeks revenge on J.D. Martin. Seriously. [Nats Journal]

Nats’ nightmare roadtrip continues with another loss in San Diego. [WaPo]

O’s lose another, this one a seven-HR slugfest to NY. [The Sun]

Adam Jones, who’s really tailed off, is out with a sprained ankle. [MASN]

ESPN’s 53-man panel picks the Wiz to win only 39 games. [Truth About It]

Ovi’s tramp stamps may mean “one family” and “life.” [Hanzi Smatter]

Ovi is the No. 1 player in fantasy hockey. Mike Green is No. 8. [Puck Daddy]

Today: U.S. Open (1 p.m., 7), Nats-Padres (3:35), Yankees-O’s (7:05)

8 thoughts on “DMV: Portis Gives It Right Back to Riggo”

  1. Jeez. Adam Jones’ split stats just made me throw up a little bit. The one weird thing about his stats is that he is striking out significantly less after the all-star break than he was before. I wonder if he needs to loosen up a little.

  2. I’m a Nats fan but is it wrong to root for them to lose at this point? As long as the finish ahead of the ’62 Mets…

  3. I’d like to see the Nats play winning ball and avoid 100 losses.

    As for Skins season tickets, isn’t staying at home or going to a bar and watching all the others games with a laptop set to fantasy preferable to spending all day at FedEx?

  4. If they can finish under 100 loses and still get the first draft pick (Bryce Harper???) I will be happy.

    I feel like I’ve fulfilled my Nats comment quota (2) for the season. Bring on the Skins

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