The Wiz Need to Change Clothes and Go

Ninety-three percent of you want the Wizards to go back to red, white and blue, so it’s my duty to affect sartorial sea change. Here’s the latest in the case for ditching blue and bronze, and the name too if they must. First up, in Ball Don’t Lie’s top 10 uniforms of the past 10 years, the throwback Bullets joint comes in at No. 5 (pardon the models):


Then, in BDL’s top 10 worst jerseys of the past decade, the blue-and-bronze abomination comes in at No. 9 (gold Wiz alternates come in at 5):


I know someone at the organization is reading this. Make it happen, captain.

3 thoughts on “The Wiz Need to Change Clothes and Go”

  1. If they must keep the current name and colors, can we at least get an assurance that Juan Dixon is gone forever? Please?

  2. I don’t want Juan Dixon to be gone forever. I love seeing Juan because it reminds me of this kid in my high school that always wore a leather jacket with a Juan Dixon MD jersey.

    Nickname: Juanzerelli

    I still smile whenever I think about it.

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