DMV: Remember Ronnie Belliard Dancing

Nats trade Ronnie Belliard to L.A. for a reliever and PTBNL. Belliard hit the ball okay for the Nats, but he also played a short RF instead of 2B. Mostly, we’ll remember him for being fat. That, and dancing to LL. [Nats Journal]

Moving Belliard is a minor deal, but a good one for the Nats. [FJB]

Imploring Drew Storen to wear “the Socks of Doom.” [Nats Nation]

Strasburg begins practicing, getting hounded in Florida. [WaPo]

Garrett Mock pitches well, but the Nats get swept in St. Louis. [WaPo]

Brian Matusz dominates Cleveland as Baltimore splits the series. [The Sun]

O’s should target Lackey, Webb and Adrian Gonzalez. [Wayward O]

Must-watch: Greg Blache gets into it with Trevor Matich. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Tanner Cooley vs. Randy Moss is the new Cooleys vs. Mottrams. [Cooley]

Here’s what we all think: Marko Mitchell is the fifth WR. [Redskins Insider]

Colt Brennan throws awful INT, gets compared to Favre. [D.C. Sports Bog]

The most disturbing Redskins-related tweet you’ll ever see. [@Bobtimist]

On Fred Smoot’s new hand gesture, the Flying Spur. [Skins Blog]

The Skins cut five, including LB Alfred Fincher. [TWT]

A healthy Wiz team figures to win about 50 games. [Wages of Wins]

Mike Green’s new site looks interesting. [Green Life 52 via Japers’ Rink]

Why Jim Larranaga doesn’t tweet anymore. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Photos and words from the Flaming Lips show at Merriweather. [DCist]

Today: U.S. Open (1 p.m., 7), Yankees-O’s (7:05), Nats-Padres (10:05)

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