DMV: Livan Has Vanilla Ice’s Eyebrows


Livo sported some early ’90s-style shaved eyebrows during his Nats 2.0 debut, which would look great on Eyebrows Lannan. [Nats Nation]

Livan, who gave so much in ’05, wants to come back in ’10. [Nats Journal]

Nyjer Morgan, after batting .351, scoring 35 runs and stealing 24 bases in 49 games with the Nats, breaks his hand sliding into third. [Nats Journal]

Mike MacDougal picks up a five-out save, keeps proving me wrong. [WaPo]

O’s closer Jim Johnson blows his save on a two-run HR in the 9th. [The Sun]

Five things to watch in tonight’s Redskins-Patriots game. [TWT]

Not sure I’d wear it, but it’s cool: the Orakpophobia shirt. [Hogs Haven]

Amusing video: CSN’s Chick Hernandez hops in an ice tub. [Redskins Blog]

John Riggins is on Twitter, rips CSN’s Skins broadcast. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Wiz are runaway winners in ESPN’s “turnaround team” voting. [ESPN]

The 10 worst NBA signings of the ’00s includes two ex-Zards. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Looking at Ralph Friedgen as he enters ’09 105 pounds lighter. [Mike Wise]

Da’Rell scott and Davin Meggett will split carries. [Tracking the Terps]

Ovi is easily D.C.’s most popular athlete in 2009. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Baller/blogger Rod Benson mentions me in his new rap. [Ridiculous Upside]

Today: Indians-O’s (7:05), Pats-Skins (8), Nats-Cards (8:15)

4 thoughts on “DMV: Livan Has Vanilla Ice’s Eyebrows”

  1. Actually, it was 3 ex-Wiz: Ben Wallace, L Hughes and Jared Jeffries. And for once it wasn’t the Wiz handing out the contracts.

    Also, any chance we can get an “Orakpwned” or “Orakpowned” tshirt made?!!?! I’m not a fan of the definition one. “Hey, quickly read my shirt as I pass you in the concourse!”

  2. You are correct, sir.

    And I like the Orakpwned t-shirt idea, though, shockingly enough, the Junkies may have intellectual property rights on that.

    That’s silly.

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