DMV: Jim Traber Will Chase You Down

Oriole of my youth Jim Traber is an Oklahoma City sports talk radio guy now and has made blog headlines lately for minor beef with Nick Collison and Bill Simmons, which inadvertently led me to this clip of him charging and chasing a Japanese pitcher before falling and getting kicked in the face. Somehow, I had never seen this. [Roar from 34]

The O’s lose yet again, this time in painful fashion to the Twins. [The Sun]

Eddie Vedder throws out the first pitch, Nats stomp Cubs at Wrigley. [WaPo]

Livan is back! The Nats signed the fat slop-thrower late last night. [All Nats]

Strassy will wear 37, pitch in the Florida Instructional League. [Nats Journal]

Rev up the Zimm-for-Gold Glove PR engine already. [Past a Diving Vidro]

If the Nats get next year’s No. 1, they’ll have all the leverage. [FJB]

DeAngelo Hall “used to do J.J. Redick” in AAU games. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Smoot to Steinz: “I really have to get your ebonics up.” [D.C. Sports Bog]

Skins sport alma mater tees, including Sellers in a Walla Walla. [Skins Blog]

Reaction to Maryland’s basketball schedule: “Not that bad.” [Testudo Times]

Maryland’s 6’4″ WR-turned-safety Kenny Tate could be a force. [WaPo]

The Wizards have the second-worst logo in the NBA. [NBC Washington]

Caron Butler (finally) gives up soda (for real this time). [Ball Don’t Lie]

Kwame Brown is NOT the biggest lottery bust of the decade. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Worstest blog/Twitter thing name ever: WaPo’s Y.A. Twittle. [Y.A. Twittle]

Must-read story on the ugly recent history of baseball cards. [Luke Winn]

First-hand account of a raucous town hall at South Lakes. [We Love DC]

Today: Nats-Cubs (8:05), O’s-Twins (8:10)

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